Join a running group. I miss running with a regular group. Now that my knee seems to be cooperating, I’m ready to explore the ones near me.

Run a race. I didn’t run any races in 2016. I almost did, but … didn’t feel like it. But now that I’m starting to run again, pain-free, I’d like to get back into racing once in awhile. Maybe a half marathon?? Maybe a full? Maybe the Soldier Field 10 to start?

120 classes on ClassPass. I pay for the 10 classes per month plan, and seem to only make it to 8-9 classes per month.

Create three more solos. I’m already scheduled to create a new one for an upcoming Valentine’s Day themed show, but I have at least two more ideas percolating that I want to bring to life.

Reduce debt by 10%. No excuses.

Put down more local roots. We really like the area we live in, but I don’t feel super connected to it yet. Most of my friends live on the northside. I’d like to meet more people who live near me and feel like I’m more of a part of my local area.

Kick ass at my new role. At the end of 2016, I moved into a new role on my team at work. I have a lot to learn, which is exciting.

Live authentically and honestly. Take up space. Own who I am unapologetically. This is kind of vague and not always quantifiable … but I know what I mean.

Ok, I think that’s enough. What do you want to accomplish in 2017?