New Years Resolutions Worth Keeping


Need help coming up with a plan for 2017 that you’ll actually stick to? Something more creative than “lose weight” “eat better” “exercise more”? Here are some ideas:

Allow yourself time for self-care. It can be easy to get swept up in too many to do items or goals, and not allow yourself enough time to decompress. But it’s important to allow yourself time for self-care … without guilt. Give yourself time to do what you need to do to recharge, and don’t feel guilty telling others “no” in order to do it. Everyone does self-care differently. For me, it’s allowing myself to make time for workouts almost daily.

Pursue your passion on a regular basis. It depends on your passion, your schedule, and your budget, but maybe it’s signing up for a weekly class. Apply for that program. Getting that certification. Setting a monthly goal to write X number of pages in your book or save Y dollars for your next travel adventure.

Expand your horizons. Try something new every day/week/month. Depends on how big you want to go. Try a new running route every day. Or a new recipe every week. Or a new cultural experience every month. Or read a book every month (or week if you’re really ambitious).

Try that thing scares you. Perform an original work of dance/song/theater on stage. Do the Whole 30. Leave your comfortable job for one that challenges you. Apply for graduate school. Talk to strangers at social events.

Clear the clutter. Clean out one room/area per month and sell/swap/donate/trash all the “stuff” cluttering your home. Create a budget and pay off debt. Focus on the relationships that matter and let the ones that don’t fall where they may. Plan your meals for the week, write your grocery list accordingly and pack all your lunches on Sunday night.

Make a difference. Set up recurring donations to the organizations that matter to you. Lend your voice to a cause you care about. Volunteer your time for something close to your heart.

What else? What do you hope to accomplish in 2017? 

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