Stuck in a Workout Rut? Try These Alternatives.

If you’ve been doing the same workout over and over and are starting to feel burned out or uninspired, try something new! Shameless plug for ClassPass – members have access to over 300 studios throughout Chicago and the suburbs (349 at my last count), so you can easily find enough studios near home and or work to trying something new with every workout.

If you were doing barre … try megaformer. The repetitive movements are similar to barre classes, but using the megaformer machine, you get an intense workout targeting almost every muscle. Check out Studio Lagree and Body R&D.


If you want to switch up your running … try Shred415. Each class is four 15-minute intervals (or sometimes six 10-minute intervals) alternating running on a treadmill (with sprints and/or inclines) with strength work using weights and/or body weight.


If you love Shred415 and/or Barry’s Bootcamp … try GoRow. Same idea, just uses rowing machines instead of treadmills. GoRow is also a great cross-training option for runners who can’t overdo it on the miles.


If you’re a dancer … try yoga. You’ll get the same long, lean sculpting and the poses sometimes feel graceful like dancing. There are tons of studios in Chicago, Moksha Yoga is great for more traditional formats, and Yoga Six, Yoga Loft and Exhale are my favorite boutique options.


If you’re a cross-fitter … try high-intensity interval training. HIIT classes often use the same moves you’re doing in CrossFit – lifting weights, rowing, box jumps, etc. Crosstown Fitness, SWEAT and the B/X class at Brick (a CrossFit gym) are great options.


If you love weight-lifting … try a strength-focused class. Kettlebells and other all-strength HIIT classes will work your muscles. Check out OTG Bootcamp for kettlebells and CrossTown Fitness’s Total Strength class.


If you love yoga … try aerial yoga. A little yoga, a little circus arts, and a really tough workout! AIR Aerial Fitness has locations in Lincoln Park and River North.

If you like adventure … try climbing. First Ascent in Avondale and Brooklyn Boulders in the West Loop are wall climbing gyms, and offer classes and equipment rentals for the casual climber.

Are there similar workouts you love? Or hate? Personally, I love pilates, and I love barre during ballet class, but I’m not a fan of the barre-style workout classes. Probably because I’d rather be dancing or toughing it out on a megaformer.  I also cannot get into spin classes. Probably because I’d rather be on an actual bicycle going somewhere. 

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