Training, 12/12 – 12/18

This is gonna be short. Maybe.

Monday: Core Centered at Centered on NorthCentered on North

Tuesday: Total Body Strength at CrossTown Fitness

Wednesday: Miserable with congestion. Stayed home from work. Slept in AND took a 3-hour nap.

Thursday-Friday: Made it to work but didn’t feel like working out. Performed Friday night and thankfully didn’t have any coughing fits on stage, LOL.

Saturday: Feeling better, but busy day.

Sunday: Took a scarf dancing workshop at Vaudezilla. (They’re in the middle of 12 Days of Free Dance Classes if you’re interested!!)

Every holiday season, I seem to get the same thing – congestion followed by a hacking cough. The last couple years it hit at just the right time to ruin my New Years Eve – I wasn’t sick enough to be miserable, but just enough to not want to go out. So I’m kind of glad it hit me early this year! And this was milder than the past. Hopefully I don’t get an encore at the end of the month.

Tuesday at Crosstown Fitness. I love their Total Strength classes. 


Friday. Backstage at my show. It was a blast, even though I had a couple missteps in my performances (a solo and group act that I choreographed). But I really enjoy performance nights (even when they aren’t perfect) because it’s fun and supportive and I love the people I perform with. Also, I made that thing on my head. As well as embellished an old bridesmaid dress (not pictured). I can’t wait to see the video and professional photos! This is the craftiest I’ve ever been.

FitBit stats:

  • 45,386 total steps; 6,484 per day
  • 47 total floors; 6.7 per day
  • 19.82 total miles; 2.8 per day
  • 2,072 daily calorie burn
  • 162 total active minutes; 23 per day
  • 8hr 11min average sleep per night (because of naps and early bedtimes)

This week I’m super excited because BFF Vera is in town and we’ve already planned our daily ClassPass workouts!!

Do you usually get sick every winter? If not, what’s your secret? Yes, I get flu shots, so typically when I get sick it’s just congestion/runny nose/cough and temporary fatigue. 

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