Monday: Slept in a skipped the 6am yoga class I signed up for :-/

Tuesday: Thought about going for a run before running errands after work. But it was cold and I didn’t feel like being out until 10pm unless it was for something fun.

Wednesday: M3 Fusion (Megaformer) at Studio Lagree’s new River North location

Thursday: Didn’t work out before work, and after work I needed to do my make-up and then head up to my friend’s place to take a promo photo for our show next week.

Friday: I mean, why start to be motivated now?

Saturday: Lazy morning, then spent about 3 1/2 hours at Vaudezilla for rehearsal in the afternoon

Sunday: Yoga with Pilsen Yoga Tribe and then a 3.23mi run

So, yeah, this was an intentional list of all the excuses I made this week.


Sunday! A great yoga practice with the original Pilsen Yoga Tribe leader (she moved out of state a few months ago and was in town this weekend) followed by PERFECT RUNNING WEATHER! Not too cold, no wind, no ice, freshly falling snow.

FitBit stats:

  • 67,420 total steps, Daily average 9,631
  • 87 total floors, Daily average 12.4
  • 29.89 total miles, Daily average 4.27
  • 2,411 average daily calorie burn
  • 404 total active minutes, Daily average 57.7
  • 7 hrs 40 min average sleep

An average of ~1 hour of activity per day? That’s a bit suspect, FitBit.

So, a bit of a confession. I know I like to pretend I’m a badass and will run in any weather, but … I’m not and I won’t. When it’s cold AND windy AND dark … I have zero motivation to run outside, and I hate running on the treadmill. So, even though I’m trying to get back into running, I’m also not trying to make myself miserable. I have a ClassPass membership, so no need to force myself to run outside if I don’t want to.

Are you still toughing it out and running in the cold? Or are you taking your workouts indoors? What’s your favorite indoor workout? I love yoga and pilates and megaformers and weights and rowing and swimming and dance and … almost all the things. Hence my love of ClassPass.