Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Power Vinyasa at Bare Feet Power Yoga

Wednesday: Flow at Yoga Six South Loop then crammed in the backseat of a truck for 5 hours (a very large pickup truck, NOT AN SUV)

Thursday: 4.5 mile run around La Crosse with my turkey

Friday: Rest/crammed in the backseat of a truck again

Saturday: Rehearsal, although I didn’t get my heart rate up enough to register anything

Sunday: 3.5 mile run


Thursday over the Mississippi River. So, funny tidbit. My husband’s sister lives in LaCrosse because … why, I don’t really know. But visiting her is fun for me because my dad’s parents grew up there, so it’s fun to look around the town and think of my late Gram and Gramps when they were young. 


Sunday in the West Loop. I have no family there. (Ukranian Village and Roscoe Village, yes.)

I wanted to do more workouts, but … I didn’t. Something something busy holidays. Also, I don’t want to overdo the running if I’m not balancing it with enough strength + yoga. I did enough yoga, just zero strength. I pretty certain that my recent focus on strength training is why I’ve been able to run pain-free these past three weeks.

And good news – no pains in my butt! (Other than, you know, the usual metaphoric pains in my butt …) (Also no pain in my knees or anywhere else for that matter.)

FitBit stats:

  • TOTAL STEPS: 56,225;  DAILY AVERAGE: 8,032 steps
  • TOTAL DISTANCE: 25.91 miles;  DAILY AVERAGE: 3.70 miles
  • TOTAL CALS BURNED: 14,909;  DAILY AVERAGE: 2,130 cals
  • AVG SLEEP DURATION: 7 hrs 41 min

Uhh … a cut back week, apparently.