Over the summer, I was invited by my friend Kelly to participate in her video project, Grateful4Her. It is a movement earthed in gratitude about the ways, achievements and impact of people who identify as women. A way to share her story and show your gratitude for her impact. A way to create our collective appreciation for the powerful influence of women across the world. You can learn more (and listen to lots of videos) at grateful4her.com – and also upload a tribute video of your own!


With Kelly the day we shot my video

I’ve been so curious about the end result, and I’m so excited that it launched this week! Kelly hosted a wonderful launch party for everyone involved (and their loved ones), and we were able to preview some of the videos.

Bottom row: delicious boozy punch, Thank You note tree, more delicious boozy punch, one of the many cupcakes featuring one of the celebrity/historic women for whom we are thankful. 

It took me a minute to find my photo! I didn’t recognize myself. The quote says “Thank you for our community of acceptable, support, love and encouragement of each other.”

During my video, I shared my thoughts on women for whom I am grateful. The first, of course, is my amazing mother. I am grateful that she raised me to think for myself and use my voice without apology. That is something I’m still working on, but she has been an amazing example. The second woman is my burlesque teacher, and CEOh! of Vaudezilla, Red Hot Annie. She has not only given a stage to so many performers and students who have a point of view to share, but has introduced me to a wonderful, loving, supportive community where I can truly be myself not only without apology, but with an audience who appreciates it. You can listen to my tribute to Red Hot Annie. (Hopefully they will release more videos and I can share the one about my mom! I have a feeling they had a lot of videos about mothers, which is awesome!)

All attendees of the launch party received a Grateful4Her bracelet. I’ve been wearing mine ever since, but as you can image, Robert hasn’t worn his. So I would like to give it to one of you! You get the most entries by uploading a tribute video of your own, but you can also earn entries by commenting and following. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, December 11th, so you have lots of time to make a video.

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