Alternate Title: A Pain in My Butt

Monday: 3.29mi run, 34:03, 10:22 pace

Tuesday: AMPED at Studio Three (intervals of weights, body weight, rowing)

Wednesday: 3.5mi run, 38:07, 10:54 pace

Thursday: BX at Brick Chicago (intervals of weights, body weight, cardio – rowing, bike, treadmill)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Yoga with Pilsen Yoga Tribe

I wanted to do a 4mi run over the weekend. I ended up skipping it partly because I didn’t make time for it, and partly because I was feeling some pain in my butt on Saturday and Sunday. Mostly when standing still or laying down to sleep. Seriously … what’s the deal with symptoms getting worse when you lay down? It’s like, oh! Bedtime! Sweet relief! Can’t. Get. Comfortable.

Anyway, when I described the location and sensation to my mother (an RN), she suggested it was my sciatic nerve.  I did some Googling, and it sounds like my piriformis muscle (in my glute) might have been inflamed and therefore irritating the nerve. Ibuprofen helped a lot, so signs point to muscle inflammation and not to herniated disc (also a cause of sciatic nerve pain). Also the fact that the pain didn’t travel elsewhere in my leg/foot is a good sign.

So, my knee is fine, which is what I was hoping for! I have never been so happy to have symmetrical minor soreness in my knees as I have been these past two weeks. But now I’m concerned about my glute (and it’s the same glute that would cause problems in the Emo Knee). The pain is gone now, so hopefully if I can keep up a good regimen of stretching (yoga) and not overexerting myself with the weights (may have done that at Brick on Thursday), and also stretching out after all workouts (I will admit that didn’t happen on Thursday), this won’t become a recurring problem.


Post work-out at Brick 


View of a sunset from our “roof deck” at the office. 


We hosted early Thanksgiving for my immediate family on Sunday. Hashtag Cool Aunt. 

FitBit Stats:

  • TOTAL STEPS: 74,422;  DAILY AVERAGE: 10,632 steps
  • TOTAL DISTANCE: 33.67 miles;  DAILY AVERAGE: 4.81 miles
  • TOTAL CALS BURNED: 16,557:  DAILY AVERAGE: 2,365 cals
  • AVG SLEEP DURATION: 8 hrs 1 min

I had a couple nights last week where I felt exhausted and went to bed early. I’m not sure if I’m overexerting myself or not fueling properly or if it was just an off week.

Hope y’all have a happy Thanksgiving!