If you’re a ClassPass member, you know by now that ClassPass is no longer offering their Unlimited membership. Obviously, this can create some challenges for members who are used to using ClassPass almost every day.

Luckily for me, even when I had the Unlimited membership (when that was the only plan CP offered and it costs $99 or $119/month), I typically only went to 10 classes per month, so the 10-class plan at $115/month works well for me. But if you’re used to group workouts 20-25 times per month, and your budget is $175/month (the cost of the Unlimited membership), what do you do? You can supplement the 5-class plan ($60/month) or the 10-class plan ($115/month) any number of ways …

Option 1: Stick to just ClassPass. The 10-class pack leaves you $60 to put towards additional classes. Once you hit 10 classes in a month, you can add 3- or 6-class packs  for the month, for $35 or $70, so you can take 16 classes/month for only $10 more than you were spending before. If you only want to add 1-2 classes, you can continue to sign up for classes for a per-class fee, which varies by studio. From what I’ve seen it’s anywhere from $10-25 per class.

Option 2: ClassPass + DIY. There are tons of options out there for guided workouts on your own – YouTube videos, the Nike Training Club app (my personal favorite), on-demand videos through your cable provider, etc. It does take some extra motivation to stick to a plan, and you have to provide your own equipment (or pick a workout that doesn’t require equipment), but you can do it on your own schedule.

Option 3: ClassPass + running. This is the “plan” I’m on. My goal right now is to run 3x per week, and with the 10-class plan, I can do ClassPass workouts 2-3x per week, which rounds out a solid fitness plan.

Option 4: ClassPass + other cardio. Running is an option, or if you have a bike or Divvy bike share membership, you can start biking more, or sign up for a lap swim membership with the Chicago Park District ($40 every 3 months).

Option 5: ClassPass + cheap gym membership. Maybe you’re lucky enough that there is a gym or fitness center in your apartment/condo building and/or office building. If not, there are cheap, bare-bones gyms around Chicago, like Planet Fitness or Charter Fitness – both are $10/month for their basic membership or $20/month for additional options.

Option 6: ClassPass + Groupon. Before ClassPass, I got my group workout fix through a steady stream of Groupon, LivingSocial and Gilt City deals.

Option 7: ClassPass + free workouts. It will take some digging and some patience, but there are options for free workouts around Chicago such as The North Face, November Project, Nike, LululemonPilsen Yoga Tribe. Many fitness studios also offer one free “community” class per week.

Option 8: ClassPass + packages at studios. If you found a studio you really love and can buy class packs directly through the studio, you can combine that with a ClassPass membership.

Option 9: ClassPass + combo of the above. 

Option 10: Quit ClassPass and do something else. Join a gym, or buy a membership at one of the fitness studios you discovered via ClassPass, get a little creatine supplement for bodybuilders going on the side. Based on what I’ve seen, unlimited membership at a single boutique fitness studio (like the ones you experience through ClassPass) in Chicago will run you close to or over $200/month, and gym memberships vary (and of course they don’t disclose the regular pricing on their websites) but run anywhere from $10-200+ per month depending on the level of amenities and neighborhood.


Were you a ClassPass Unlimited member? What’s your plan moving forward?