Workout Recap 11/7 – 11/13

I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST. Spoiler alert: I ran THREE TIMES last week, for a total of 10 MILES! Might not sound like much, but this is the first time in a long time* that I’ve run more than 2x in a week and double-digit mileage in a week.

* I looked it up … the last time I ran 10 miles in one week was March 2015. Has it really been that long???????

AND!!! MY KNEE DOESN’T HURT. At least … not like it did last year. Now there’s some new weirdness on the inside of my right knee but it’s not while I’m running and only when I have my leg in certain positions and not every time, so let’s not think about that. (It’s also the opposite knee and a different kind of pain.) It’s not stopping me from running (or doing any other firness activity with my Fitness Rocks helpers), so that’s cool.The thing that really clued me in on my previous knee pain was how it felt to walk down stairs after a run (later that day or the next day). I have been feeling none of that pain. I hope this sticks! My guess is all the strength I’ve built up over the past couple months paid off, so I need to keep it up.

Anywho, last week’s workouts:

Monday: 3.5mi run, 39:32, 11:16 pace

Tuesday: Core workout at ENERGI Fitness via ClassPass

Wednesday: I was exhausted. I bet you were too?

Thursday: 3.1mi run, 32:31, 10:23 pace

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Burlesque rehearsal and 3.5mi run, 35:54, 10:25 pace

Sunday: Flow at Yoga Six via ClassPass and I taught a burlesque workshop then spent time working on my own upcoming act


Thursday. Running around Logan Square. I’m the blur. 



Hashtag PROOF

Confession: I started an Instagram account for my cat. I regret nothing. 


FitBit Stats:

  • TOTAL STEPS: 79,810; DAILY AVERAGE: 11,401 steps
  • TOTAL DISTANCE (minus  biking): 36.63 miles; DAILY AVERAGE: 5.23 miles
  • TOTAL CALS BURNED: 16,390; DAILY AVERAGE: 2,341 cals
  • I didn’t keep up with tracking calories in
  • AVG SLEEP DURATION: 7 hrs 29 min


So! Week 1 of half marathon training is done. Let’s see how this goes!

5 thoughts on “Workout Recap 11/7 – 11/13

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  1. Congrats on running 10 miles and three times last week! That’s two more times than I ran last week. Yes, keep up with the strength training. I credit that for my 2+ year stretch of remaining injury-free. I really like the “blur” pic of you in Logan Square and the one of you running with your “twin” on the track. Very cool that Olive has her own Instagram account!

    1. I was thinking the F3 Half Marathon although I also keep hearing how terrible this winter is supposed to be, so ……. maybe a good excuse to get out of state at the end of Jan or early Feb for a destination race somewhere affordable.

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