I take a lot of “selfies” on the run. You may have noticed.

I was initially inspired by Xaarlin. Her posts included some great selfies, along the Lakefront Trail and/or with her pup. And since my runs for the past year (or so) have been slower (for me), it’s been much easier to stop for a selfie break!

But they’re not all winners.

Yes, both of these made it to Instagram, but they’re not my best work, LOL.

Anywho, if you want to try a mid-run selfie, here are my tips!

Put down your phone and use your self-timer. Taking an actual selfie while running rarely turns out well.

Find a “tripod.” You need to prop your phone against something. The closer you can get to eye-level, the better. Once in awhile, I’ll find a fence or a ledge, but typically I prop the phone against a tree or light pole, and it’s often at ground level. Or I’ll use my handheld water bottle as my “tripod.”

Beware of the wind. Sometimes it’s too windy and I can’t find a good spot to prop my phone without it blowing over – so be careful it doesn’t accidentally blow into the lake or river or it could fall and get damaged or who knows what.

Find a scenic background. As much as I think y’all love looking at me, it’s the background that makes the shot 🙂

Notice the light. You want the sun/light source behind the camera, facing your subject. Otherwise it’s backlit and almost always too shadowy, see:

If at first you fail, try again. And again and again. I usually don’t nail it on the first shot.

Run fast. If you have trouble hitting a good (photogenic) stride, speed up so you’re blurry and the background is the focus.

Have fun. Yes, it can be narcissistic, and does the world care what you look like when you run? Who cares? Does the world really care about 99% of what is posted on Instagram?

Bonus benefit of run selfies – you can get a good look at your stride, posture, gait, etc. Try video as well!

Do you ever take selfies on the run? Any tips?