Workout Recap, 10/31 – 11/6

Monday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Tuesday: 3.72mi run on the Riverwalk

Wednesday: Power Flow Vinyasa at Yoga Loft Chicago via ClassPass. (I’m sure my heart rate also spiked during Game 7 of the World Series … by the 10th inning, I was curled in a ball on the floor.)

Thursday: No workout, but I Divvy biked to/from work and from the L to the burlesque show that my friends produce

Friday: I took 15,884 steps and walked almost 7 miles total, many of which were part of the Cubs celebration

Saturday: 40 minutes of teaching choreography during rehearsal for our Holiday Show! I did break a sweat.

Sunday: Yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe. I was feeling so tight and crappy and yoga felt great.

According to my FitBit, I was active every day! That hasn’t happened since early September.

Running on the Riverwalk ! It extends all the way to Lake St now! Also it was 70 degrees out! In November!

Stopping by the marquee late Thursday and the Cubs parade (sort of) with my parents and uncle on Friday. I still can’t believe it really happened. My die-hard mother was SO HAPPY on Friday. Even with the insane crowds and all the trash and not really seeing anything, she kept talking about what a great day it was.

Friday night at Make the Case supporting Open Books. My team (of burlesque buddies) decorated a bookcase in a Nancy Drew theme.

I performed my solo again on Saturday night at Vaudezilla‘s Student Showcase. For some reason, I was more nervous leading up to this performace than when I did my solo debut the weekend before. Once I started my act, my nerves were gone and I felt fierce, even when I realized that I forgot to put my gloves on. I had a glove removal in my act (of course I do … we all do), so I had to make it work, and I did! I felt really great about this performance. Olive was excited to hear all about it.

FitBit stats:

  • TOTAL STEPS: 75,412; DAILY AVERAGE: 10,773 steps
  • TOTAL DISTANCE: 33.60 miles; DAILY AVERAGE: 4.80 miles
    • Bike miles not included
  • TOTAL CALS BURNED: 16,867; DAILY AVERAGE: 2,410 cals
  • Didn’t log my food all days so I don’t know my calories in
  • AVG SLEEP DURATION: 7 hrs 13 min


Did you make it to the Cubs parade or rally? Did you see anything? Did you watch all of Game 7? Was it not one of the best baseball games in history? (Or course it was, it ended in the Cubbies winning the World Series!) Can you believe the Cubs came back from being down 3-1? I really can’t. And have you checked out the newest stretch of the Riverwalk yet? 

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  1. Last Wednesday was seriously the greatest day. Ever. Well, aside from the part where I was convinced they were going to lose. That was not the greatest day. But oh MAN, what a game! What a series! What a celebration afterwards! I don’t think I’ll ever forget Friday’s parade. That was such a cool experience.

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