Why I Joined ClassPass. Again.

I recently re-activated my ClassPass account. For the second time. I really like ClassPass 🙂 I was an ambassador, but they ended that program. Now I’m a regular member.

Even though ClassPass recently increased their pricing, and announced they will discontinue their Unlimited membership, I’m still a big fan and it is a great fit for me that keeps me motivated. Here’s why:

I love variety. I get bored easily. I love that with ClassPass, I can discover new studios, rediscover studios I haven’t been to in awhile, and visit my favorites over and over. In one membership, I have access to weight lifting, yoga, boxing, spinning, rowing, CrossFit, pilates, dance, barre, martial arts and even aerial yoga, trampolines, wall climbing, stand-up paddleboarding … I could go on. It keeps things interesting.

It keeps me disciplined. I struggle with establishing consistency when working out on my own at a gym.I get bored and then I don’t make it a priority. With ClassPass, I’m held accountable during class, because there is an instructor pushing me to keep going, and also because of the fees for a late cancel or no show.

It’s a great deal! The 5-class plan comes out to $12/class and the 10-class plan (which I opted for) comes out to $11.50/class. If you want to add additional classes, you can sign up through ClassPass with a fee-per-class (it varies by studio). The now-discontinued Unlimited plan was a great deal for the “super users” but even when I had the Unlimited membership in the past (when it was $99 or $119), there was only one month (out of 16) that I took over 10 classes – and I only took 11, which with the 10-class plan + add-on fee would still be cheaper than the recent price of an Unlimited membership.

So, about the pricing. When ClassPass first launched, they offered unlimited classes for $99/month. That was their only package and it was a hell of a deal!! I also wondered how it could possibly be sustainable, and it wasn’t, because the price went up to $119/month. Still a good deal. Then they introduced 5- and 10-class plans, for $60 and $115 respectively, and upped the Unlimited plan to $175. Now they are discontinuing the Unlimited plan.

As you can imagine, a lot of members were upset at the price increases, and now the discontinuation. Or, maybe not a lot, maybe just a very vocal minority. And while I sympathize with the challenges that come with price hikes for something you love, the original pricing was not sustainable. As someone with a bit of experience in PR and marketing, I think they could have handled it better (made it clear that it was introductory pricing that would not be locked in, for one thing). But ultimately, ClassPass has to do what they have to do to stay in business. Because if their pricing model isn’t sustainable, then they will go under and then no one gets any ClassPass plan, unlimited or not. It sounds like studios were already losing money on ClassPass members, so they couldn’t cut the amount they pay to the studios. And frankly, I’d rather pay a little bit more for a membership if it means the studios I enjoy get paid enough to make it worth their while to stay a part of ClassPass.

Now that the ambassador program has ended, my only affiliation with ClassPass is as a paying member. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can save $30 through my referral link. And if you’re a member, what are your favorite studios? Let’s meet up!

2 thoughts on “Why I Joined ClassPass. Again.

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  1. Maybe I’ll try out class pass once I use up some of my current packages that I’ve got open. It’s definitely interesting idea, although I mostly just wish I had a few other class/yoga options closer to work!

    1. I wish I had more options close to home. I think there are three places I can walk to (and two of them are like ~1 mile walk), but there aren’t really any other fitness options nearby anyway (other than the small gym in my building). I typically head straight from work to my workout and try to pick places that aren’t TOO far out of my way to head home.

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