How did October go? As a Cubs fan – AWESOME. As Maggie:

Goal #1 – Finish the Little Black Dress Project. I finished it. I wasn’t perfect. But I’m happy with the habits I changed and the results I achieved. I can deadlift a 75 lb kettlebell 5x in a row!

Goal #2 – Perform my first burlesque solo! Done! I had moments of self-doubt, but in the end, I felt awesome and I’ve watched the video probably 10 times already.

Goal #3 – Finish a book, start a new one, attend a book club meeting. I finished The Light Between OceansI started The Book of Unknown Americans. I did not attend any meetings. Neither of the books blew me away, but they were both interesting reads.

Goal #4 – Yoga 6x. I made it to Pilsen Yoga Tribe twice, and free office yoga twice. So, 4 out of 6.

Goal #5 – Run 10 miles. I ran twice for a total of 6.67mi

I performed in 5 shows in October – 2 of them in one night! 

So, what do I want to accomplish in November?

#1 – Settle into my new role at work. I’ve touched on this, but as a result of changes on my team, I was asked to move from web publishing to an analytics role – which is actually something I considered doing earlier in the year, but decided not to pursue  at the time. So far it’s been interesting – of course it has, I love data and analytics. I still have some things to learn, and lots to master, and it’s also our busy season. (I work for malls.)

#2 – Start a half marathon training plan. I don’t know if my knee can handle it, but there’s only one way to find out. If I can get through the first 3-4 weeks, my plan is to sign up for the F3 Half.

#3 – Keep building strength. I made a lot of progress on strength working out at OTG Bootcamp 2-4x per week during the Little Black Dress Project. I don’t want to lose that!

#4 – Yoga 8x. I rejoined ClassPass, and I still have access to free yoga on Sundays with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe and Thursdays during lunch at work.

#5 – Keep bringing my lunch. My old habit was to buy lunch. My office made it super easy with both Fooda pop-ups and Fooda delivery. But it was such a waste of money, and it’s easier to eat healthy when you bring your own food.