The Little Black Dress Project Wrap-Up

For the past six weeks, I participated in the Little Black Dress Project with OTG Bootcamp. The program included unlimited access to classes at OTG, and a meal plan, complete with recipes and a grocery list.

The program focused on resetting your diet, along with burning calories and building strength through OTG’s high-impact strength workouts. Going into it, I was concerned about the diet changes. But overall, I’m really happy I did this program, I plan to stick with some of my new habits, and I achieved some great results!

I didn’t take the usual before and after photos, but luckily as a burlesque performer, I have a steady stream of photos and videos of myself in various stages of undress.

Over the summer: 

Last weekend: 

HI MOM & DAD!!! It’s cool, they’ve seen me perform 😉 

While I didn’t follow the program exactly, I did make a lot of healthy changes to my regular routine, and it shows.

  • Weight is down roughly 6%
  • Body fat percentage is down by 2
  • I lost over 4 inches from my waist and 2 inches from each thigh

(To my husband’s relief, I only lost a half inch around my hips and my bra size hasn’t really changed, which means my waist is small and my curves are kickin’.)

AND, I can deadlift a 75-pound kettlebell 5x in a row!

For the workouts, the recommendation was 4-5 workouts per week at OTG. Their workouts are 30-minute kettlebell workouts (TRX on Thursdays), so lots of focus on weight lifting and resistance. With warm-up and post-workout stretching, you’re done in 40 minutes. Super easy to fit into your schedule, but high-impact enough to get great results. I could definitely see the progress I had made by the end of the 6 weeks – I was using heavier kettlebells than I’d ever used, and was able to do more push-ups in one class. I even surprised myself when doing resistance-band assisted pull-ups – I didn’t need as strong of a band (or as high of a box) as I thought I needed to do the pull-ups.

I’ll be honest, I did not follow the plan exactly. Some weeks were good – I made it to OTG four times, or I stuck to the idea of the meal plan (but didn’t follow the exact meal plan). Other weeks, I only made it to OTG twice, or I had an extra cheat meal. I’m human. But I’m proud of the changes I did make and the new habits I’m establishing.

Now that the program is over, I do want to continue these good habits. It’s always my goal to workout at least 5x per week, and that hasn’t changed. But now I want to test my knee and see what it can handle, so, I plan to start running more. I still love working out at OTG, but I enjoy variety in my workouts, so I’ll likely continue to workout there, and at other studios, as a ClassPass member. I’ll likely focus my workouts on strength, yoga and cardio through running (and Divvy bike rides).

And! If you can believe it, I do want to keep up with the meal plan! I found what works for me is to stick to it during the week, and allow myself to be flexible on the weekends. So my weekday breakfast will continue to be kale/spinach smoothies with fruit and protein powder. My weekday lunches will continue to be a lean protein & veggie combo, mostly salads. And my dinners will also continue to be lean protein & veggies. (Good news, my husband liked the dinners I made.) Snacks will be trail mix, protein bars, yogurt & fruit or almond butter & fruit or dried fruit. On the weekends, I’ll do my best to stick to the approved foods, but not if I feel like I’m depriving myself.

OTG Bootcamp will be offering a group program for Little Black Dress Project (I participated on my own) starting after Thanksgiving. Learn more or request more info here

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