Workout Recap, 10/10 – 10/16

Monday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Thursday: Yoga during lunch and about ~3 miles of walking to/from Navy Pier

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Busy day

Sunday: 3-mile run

So … still not embracing the morning workout.

I’m starting to move on to some of the heavier weights. 

On Tuesday, I attended an event at the Mid-America Club, on the 80th Floor of the AON Center. I could see our (rented) condo! And, uh, the Sears Tower and almost every other building in downtown Chicago. And the lake. And Grant Park. 

Views from Seadog’s Haunted Tour on Thursday. Hence the walking to Navy Pier.  



FitBit stats:

  • 67,941 steps (9,705 per day)
  • 30.19 miles covered running/walking (4.3 per day)
  • (Biking miles not counted)
  • 49 floors walked up  (7 per day)
  • 16,260 calories burned (2,323  per day)
  • Average calories consumed = 1,509 per day
  • 314 active minutes  (44.86 per day)
  • Average sleep = 7hr 36min per night

I was starting to feel discouraged at the end of last week. My weight isn’t coming off like I was hoping it would. And I realized by dinnertime on Saturday that I hadn’t had a single vegetable all day … and my body let me know, because I felt gross. So I felt like  I was falling off track with the diet.

BUT. This isn’t about a quick fix. This is about changing my habits. And I am changing them. And it’s a process. I’m 34. The weight isn’t just going to fall off like it used to. If my diet & workout plan translates to a 1.5 pound weight loss per week, I can’t weigh myself every day and expect to notice a difference.

So, I’m trying to do better with staying on track but not beating myself up over every little thing. I’ve made vast improvements in my diet. I’m feeling strong. I’m easing my way into jeans that didn’t fit. (Maybe they’re still super tight and not something I’ll wear in public, but the point is, I got them on.)

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  1. I think looking at this as changing your habits long-term, rather than just some crash diet to lose weight RIGHT NOW, is the right way to go. If morning workouts don’t work for you, then maybe don’t force it. The idea is to find things that DO work for you and fit into your schedule, and eventually you’ll probably find your groove.

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