Halfway: Little Black Dress Project

Today is the end of week 3 of the Little Black Dress Project with OTG Bootcamp. Overall? I’m really glad I’m doing this. I know I still have room for improvement, but based on my usual routine before starting, I think I’m doing a good job. My weight is down 4% since the start, and down 7% since I posted about not being happy with my body. I’ve definitely been consuming a lot more servings of  fruits and vegetables each day.

The workouts are going well. I still get soreness from time to time, but nothing like the first week when I felt like I could barely move my arms after a particularly pushup-heavy workout. I feel like I’m getting stronger. I’m starting to use heavier kettlebells for some moves. And when doing yoga, my chaturangas feel stronger. However, I’ve only been making it to OTG 2-3x per week, and the goal is 4-5x. So, time to get outside my comfort zone even more and start doing morning workouts.

Salmon & spaghetti squash;  Pork chops with mango salsa & asparagus

The meal plan is actually surprisingly good! This was the part I worried about the most, and I’ve been enjoying it. Practically* giving up carbs, dairy, sweets/added sugar and beans/legumes hasn’t been that hard for me, especially with all the meal plans, shopping lists and recipes provided in an easy daily/weekly format. There have been doughnuts and chocolates at work (and our always-stocked snack drawer) and I haven’t thought twice about skipping them. And the recipes with the meal plan have been mostly awesome. I’m especially digging the salad dressings – finally, something to do with all my fresh herbs.

The approved foods include plain greek yogurt, honey, and sprouted bread. 

My morning shakes may look like “swamp water” (as my husband says) due to the kale or spinach + chocolate protein powder, but they taste like (healthy) chocolate-banana shakes to me. This is probably something I’ll stick with after the program is over for me.

Another big change is that I’ve been bringing my lunch work. I’m terrible about packing a lunch. My office offers Fooda and Yum’s Delivery service (both pop-up in the office and delivery) and provides us with a small subsidy to offset the cost, and I was always an avid supporter. It was just so much more convenient to order my lunch while on the bus in the morning than to take the time to pack a lunch the night before. But, with the grocery lists and a written plan, it’s not so hard to bring a salad to work every day, and they are pretty tasty. Especially considering half the time I was ordering salads through Fooda anyway.

However, weekends are hard. My schedule isn’t as consistent, there is time with family and friends. It’s hard to stick to the meal plan, or at least, the foods allowed on the meal plan. Sometimes cheat meals last beyond one meal. But I refocus the next day and get back on track.

And I’m learning that I don’t need to feel so full. I’m bad at portion control. I’ll admit it. I’m a “clean your plate” eater, whether that’s at home or at restaurants. I will eat to the point of feeling stuffed if something tastes good. And that’s not healthy. I also use the crutch of “I don’t want to faint” so I’ll constantly eat snacks. And this meal plan is teaching me that I don’t need to be constantly eating in order to not feel faint. I don’t need to stuff myself. It’s OK to feel a little hungry between meals. I can eat until I’m satiated and be done and survive until the next meal. I’m like a damn cat. Olive will eat all of the food in her bowl and then whine for more, as if I’m never going to feed her again. So, this program has been a good education of what my body really needs.

So, I’m looking forward to the next 3 weeks of the program, and to continuing some of these habits (and recipes) even after I’m done. I would love for this program to give me a strong but lean body to work with and maybe work toward the ultimate goal of running another marathon. Maybe a certain milestone marathon in Chicago in 2017? My uncle ran the first one in 1977 … would be cool to run  it 40 years later.

What diets have you gone on? How did it turn out? 

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  1. Following the metabolic efficiency diet principles has been the best thing for me, as it’s based on your athletic training volume. Essentially you limit your grains and starchy carbs until your training volume rises to the point you really need them. Lots of fat on that plan. This year with less volume in my training, I’m trying higher protein, but for me I’ve found I always do best when we are limiting the carbs and sugar…. as in to next to nothing limits. But again, its dependent on varying your training volume and that there will be periods of more carb-heavy eating.

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