Monday: Sinus headache. Rest.

Tuesday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Wednesday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Thursday: 3mi run

Friday: rest

Saturday: rehearsal / double show

Sunday: rest

More rest days than I would have liked, but I needed the one on Sunday. I also could have done better following the Little Black Dress meal plan, to be honest. I stuck with the approved foods, I just didn’t stick to when I should be eating them. I also think I’m addicted to almond butter.






Between shows on Saturday

FitBit stats:

  • 55,238 steps (7,891 per day)
  • 7hr 46min average nightly sleep
  • 24.69 miles covered running/walking (3.5 per day)
  • (Biking miles not counted)
  • 77 floors walked up  (11 per day)
  • 15,966 calories burned (2,280  per day)
  • Average calories consumed = 1,372 per day*
  • 196 active minutes  (28 per day)

Assuming I logged everything accurately