Currently feeling:
Mentally – Better. Last week, I posted about some of the things that are currently challenging me, and I actually feel better about all of them. I’m feeling very optimistic and excited about the changes to my role at work, I made some good progress on my solo, and I’m feeling more confident about my new meal plan.

Physically – Good. Tired. Last night, we added an encore show after our regularly scheduled 10:30pm show. I was kind of dreading it, but it was a lot of fun, and the second show went really fast. But I was still at the theater for almost 5 hours. Although the encore show wasn’t sold out/close to sold out like the shows have been lately (people love The Big Lebowski) so I was able to sit in the audience (with my husband and best friend) and watch the acts that I wasn’t in. (Meaning … I was able to actually sit! There aren’t many usable chairs backstage.)

Currently drinking:
Carbonated water with lime. My sis-in-law found a SodaStream for like $20 for me (at a resale store or estate sale) and for the past few years, I almost always have seltzer-with-lime within reach at home.

Currently thinking about:
Finalizing the choreography on my solo. I finally feel like I have a solid idea for the overall concept/feeling/pacing. Now I just need to put specific moves in places. And rhinestone the heck out of my costume pieces. And I’m early awaiting my friend to finish the cloak I commissioned them to make.

All that being said … I need to figure out my Halloween costume for this year! Sadly I can’t repurpose the costume for my solo (it’s a bit revealing) although maybe I can do something with the cloak. What I actually want to be for Halloween will require a few new pieces though.

Currently listening to:
WGN Channel 9. The last regular season Cubs game is about to start. THIS IS THE YEAR!!! I’ve literally been a Cubs fan since birth. I was born at 12:02pm on a Sunday in August, and my mom always joked I was born in time for her to watch the Cubs game that day.


Currently craving:
The meal plan I’m on is actually intended to eliminate cravings. I think it might be working? The only thing I’m “craving” right now are some Nightmare Before Christmas themed Halloween decorations I recently saw at Walgreens.

Currently scheming:
Turning the cheap plastic skulls my husband just bought into our own custom sugar skulls.

Currently wearing:
My sugar skull pajama pants, actually 🙂


How’s your Sunday? Have you started decorating for Halloween?