Monday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Tuesday: Kettlebells at OTG Bootcamp

Wednesday: Rest. My arms were soooooo sore.

Thursday: TRX  at OTG Bootcamp

Friday: Rest (with a nice long walk to/from dinner)

Saturday: Rest (but a busy day)

Sunday: Yoga with Pilsen Yoga Tribe

A rebuilding week that actually felt like one! Ideally, I’d like to be doing 1 more workout per week at OTG, but this was a good week 1.

Last week*, according to FitBit:

  • 59,456 steps (8,493 per day)
  • 7hr 43min average nightly sleep
  • 25.93 miles covered walking (3.7 per day)
  • (Biking miles not counted)
  • 53 floors walked up  (7.6 per day)
  • 16,852 calories burned (2,407 per day)
  • Average calories consumed = 1,529 per day*
  • 303 active minutes  (43.3 per day)

* assuming I logged everything correctly 

Week 1 of the Little Black Dress project is done. It’s going well. The start of the meal plan is intentionally light, as the plan goes on, I add in more snacks and bigger meals. Am I sticking to the meal plan to the letter? No, but given my typical choices, I’m doing pretty well.

The truth: I did two cheat meals (a dinner + a brunch) instead of one. But even during those, I could tell things were changing. It didn’t take as much for me to feel uncomfortably full. And I switched some meals around out of convenience, and added in an extra snack or two (but it was a snack that was meal-plan approved).

However, I have been surprised by how delicious some of the recipes have been! Even my husband has been enjoying it, and he is leery of “rules” when it comes to his diet, probably more than I am. But he’s liked everything he’s had from the approved recipes, especially the turkey burgers. And he doesn’t like stuff that’s not the real stuff. If he hears “burgers” he wants red meat, but he ate three of them.

So, I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the plan!