Little Black Dress Project with OTG Bootcamp

I alluded to a new fitness & meal plan that I would be starting this week. After my recent post about not liking my body right now, Courtney from OTG Bootcamp reached out to me. I’ve worked out at OTG many times and have shared how much  I like that gym.


One of the big things I like about OTG, aside from the awesome & intense workouts that only last 45 minutes (and that includes the warm-up and stretching), is the great team behind OTG – Courtney and Ryan.

Courtney reached out to tell me about her Little Black Dress Project, a 6-week fitness & meal plan that she put together for women. After chatting with her, she recommended that I work out at OTG 4-5x per week, which I can supplement with easy recovery runs (probably 1 per week for now) and yoga. In addition, she has recommended a meal plan.


Now … I don’t do meal plans. Normally a meal plan that requires significant diet changes is a deal breaker for me. My approach to food has been … “healthy American.” Meaning, I try to be healthy, but I’m an American who wants what I want and want it now. And planning meals more than 12-24 hours in advance (if even that) rarely happens.

But, I like working out with Courtney (and the rest of the team) at OTG, and I know she’s had success with her own diet changes. I also agreed to it, because I look at her body and think yes … that’s what I want. It’s about being a stronger, fitter version of myself. This isn’t just a diet to try to look good or be skinny. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about another woman’s body, but it’s important to me that if I’m going to take diet advice from another person, that they are a strong, healthy person.

I’ve also been interested in “resetting” my diet, I’ve just been too lazy to actually try to do it myself, although I know what Body Nutrition is, etc. When I talked to Courtney, she mentioned that the meal plan is about “detoxing” – eliminating the things your body doesn’t need. So, out goes the dairy and the carbs and my fridge is currently stocked with so many fruits and vegetables and lean meat. And maybe it was a typo, but there was bacon on the week 1 grocery list.

I don’t think I’ll miss the dairy and carbs too much (I already don’t consume certain dairy because it doesn’t agree with me, and I’ve never been a person who really craved carbs). But I am sad that the plan eliminates alcohol (although white wine was on the grocery list … maybe for cooking?) and as you can guess, sweets are off the list. (Minus cocoa powder added to smoothies and stuff like that.) I can still have coffee. And there are 1-2 cheat meals per week.


So, for the next 6 weeks, I’ll be lifting heavy things, a lot, and I’ll be following a meal plan that is a bit of a departure from my normal diet. My goal, of course, is to stick to the plan as written. I’m getting stats taken at the start and end (weigh-in, measurements, body fat) and I think weekly weigh-ins. But I don’t want to share my specific stats because I know everyone is different, and what is “not where I want to be” might be someone else’s goal.

But at the end, I will share my results (what I lost … and hopefully what I gained in terms of weight that I can lift). I’m also really curious how the diet change affects my cravings. I wouldn’t say I’m someone who has a lot of cravings, but I’m also not someone who denies myself any certain foods. And I’m curious if the diet has any other effects. Will I be less achy? Have more energy? Will my skin improve? Etc.

Have you ever gone on a strict meal plan? How did it go? Did you get cranky? I’m worried I’ll get cranky.

Have you ever worked out at OTG Bootcamp? It’s pretty awesome. If you like a my-arms-feel-like-jello kind of workout. 

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  1. That’s awesome that you’re willing to try something out of your original comfort zone! I look forward to seeing how it works for you. I went on a strict meal and workout plan a little over a year and a half ago and had really amazing results. I’ve since gained back much of the weight I lost after not being as strict, but I gained it back mostly in muscle so I’m not that upset. Anyway, I will admit I missed having something sweet after dinner so I ended up drinking a lot of tea. Interestingly, when I would have cheat meals I would sometimes feel sick after eating a bunch of french fries or fatty foods. On the plus side, it taught me a lot of new recipes that I still use!

  2. The bacon is probably not a typo on your list. The “High Fat Low Carb” diet is all the rage now. I am reading a book (that was one of the Economist’s best science books of 2014) called “The Big Fat Surprise”. It draws a straight line from the time when the US went overboard cutting out animal fats from our diets and increased consumption of carbs/sugar/vegetable oils to the start of the obesity epidemic (and the rise of other “modern” ailments). Legendary running author Tim Noakes is also on board and has a diet where animal fat is the preferred cooking “oil”. I have switched to eating full fat yogurt, full fat milk, eggs, and eating more fatty meats (including bacon) and I feel fantastic. Also, it’s easier to stick to a diet when things taste good! 🙂

  3. Matt and I did Whole 30 earlier in the year and that followed along some of the same lines as your diet–though we didn’t really cut out carbs because we ate lots of potatoes and sweet potatoes but no breads or pasta. It was tough but I definitely felt good at the end and am going to do it again in October. I do think it is good to get a reset and get all that crappy stuff out of my diet. For me it really helped kick the habit of wanting something sweet after every meal. Best of luck!

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