So … last week wasn’t all that impressive. A “rebuilding” week if you will.

Monday: Uh … rest day.

Tuesday: Box @ TITLE Boxing West Loop and a Divvy ride home

I’ve always been curious about my fitness stats during boxing workouts. Usually I take off my FitBit since I have to wrap my hands and wear gloves. But I left it on (and it didn’t bother me). I burned 378 calories in 47 minutes and my average HR was 123 BPM.


Wednesday: Tech for my upcoming show. I did Divvy part of the way home.

Thursday: 30-minute walk at lunch.

Friday: No workout

Saturday: Floorwork Workshop with Peekaboo Pointe at Studio L’amour. Most burlesque classes aren’t workouts for me, but this one was. We did an abs & glutes workout to warm-up, and a lot of the moves we did were a workout in and of themselves.I wish I had my FitBit on.

Sunday: I was scheduled to teach a workshop but only one person showed up. I told her she could save the $20 and we’d skip doing a 1:1 workshop. But I did use the studio time to work on my own solo and worked up a little sweat.

Last week*, according to FitBit:

  • 53,612 steps (8,935 per day)
  • 7hr 4min average nightly sleep
  • 23.49 miles covered walking or running (3.9 per day)
  • 64 floors walked up  (10.7 per day)
  • 13,920 calories burned (2,320 per day)
  • (Not sure how many consumed)
  • 226 active minutes  (37.7 per day)

minus Saturday because I took off my FitBit to charge it and forgot to put it back on until Sunday

Not a stellar week, but more active minutes than the pervious week. This week I start a new fitness & meal plan … should be interesting.  I’ll share more in my next post!