These are the classes I enjoyed last month via ClassPass:


Mindful Flow 1-2
Moksha Yoga – Riverwest

Still groovin’ on Moksha Yoga 🙂 This class was an hour-long flow class with pretty common poses. Pretty sure I feel asleep during savasana and started dreaming …


GO Row

So, I’m not going to lie, I started to feel a new-to-me pain during class. It was in the center of my chest, so I don’t think it was my heart. (That would be off-center … right?)  So, the class was challenging and a reminder that I haven’t been keeping up with workouts. But I still love this place.


Vigorous Flow 1-2
Moksha Yoga – Riverwest

“Vigorous” Flow is definitely different from “Mindful” Flow!! This 90-minute class was definitely challenging and not a relaxing flow. I thought the pace would be quicker, but rather it was a more challenging series of poses. I felt like I was burning out certain limbs like I would do in a strength/weights class. A good workout and a good stretch.


Mindful Flow 1-2
Moksha Yoga – Riverwest

Noticing a trend? 🙂


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Flexible Flow Yoga
Bottom Line Yoga – Chicago Board of Trade

This  is a pretty basic yoga class. It’s not my favorite spot to do yoga (can you guess what is?) but it’s a good stretch that’s close to the office.


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