I realize I’m a week and a half late, but no time like the present.

#1 – Run 20 miles. 

It’s been a mile since I’ve run 20 miles in a month. Seems like a low number, but I’ve been averaging 10 miles/month this year. That’s what happens when you run 1x every other week …



#2 -Yoga 1-2x per week.

It just feels too good not to.



#3 – Start and finish a book. 

I actually finished All the Light We Cannot See over the weekend, but I’m pretty sure I started it in August. It was great, by the way. I just started The Light Between Oceans. 


Mug was a gift from a co-worker


#4 – Bake more bread. 

It’s so easy, especially with a KitchenAid. The last time I tried, I did something wrong during the rising process and while the bread turned out fine, it was a little flat.


Old picture, but maybe I’ll attend pretzel bread again since it’s pretty easy. 


#5 – Don’t overcommit myself. 

I go through periods where I want to do all the things, and overcommit myself to the point that I don’t enjoy the things. Right now I’m committed to two upcoming burlesque shows (one is a 5-show run), teaching workshops ~6 weeks, some freelance work, and obviously my day job and maintaining my relationships. There have been other things I want to do but have to rein myself in. So, I have to keep on reining in, or choose something I’m willing to give up.



What are you up to this month?