My last post was about how I’m not happy with my body but I haven’t been working out as much but I’m going to use this blog to stay more accountable.

And today’s post is all about how I barely worked out last week.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – I had rehearsal for my next show, so that’s how I spent my evenings (and afternoon on Sunday).

I did go for a run on Saturday! 5 miles on the Lakefront Trail! Which is my second longest run this year (apparently I did a 5.55mi run in April.)

It was a gorgeous day.


I scrounged my fridge and balcony garden to make a delicious post-run sandwich:


Leftover garlic bread + egg w/ chive and thyme + arugula + tomatoes + fried ham

And then we went to Germanfest:


Last week, according to FitBit:

  • 67,640 steps
  • 7hr 7min average nightly sleep
  • 30.31 miles covered walking or running
  • 77 floors walked up
  • 17,257 calories burned
  • (Not sure how many consumed)
  • 183 active minutes

This week, I do not have 6 days of rehearsal scheduled, so hopefully I will do better!