It’s been awhile (I think 15 years) since I’ve been to Lincoln Park Zoo during the day time. (I went to Zoo Lights last year.) My husband is between jobs right now, and ended up getting a few days off, so I used a few vacation days so we could have a little staycation. Including an afternoon at the zoo.


Reptiles & Amphibians


My husband really wants a pet snake. Or a scorpion. Me, not so much.



Snow monkeys … I guess they are new-ish to the zoon. This guy actually came to the front of the exhibit to poop, and then walked back into the grass.


I don’t know about you, but gorillas have always kind of freaked me out, probably because they most closely resemble humans, so it’s 1) weird to see them in captivity and 2) I  wonder what they are thinking when they stare back at us?


As I watched the ostrich parade back and forth in from of her pen, I couldn’t help but think about a burlesque performer … and then I remembered feather fans are made of ostrich feathers and it all came together.



Of course, the big cats were my favorite. Behind the two female lions was a male lion who looked like he was out cold for a nap. Just like my Olive.




Ice cream detour

We checked out the Lincoln Park Conservatory for a few minutes before they closed (also at 5).



We were able to visit almost every exhibit in the three hours we were there. We didn’t make it to the Farm-in-the-Zoo, we skipped the children’s area, and the Polar Bear & Penguin exhibit was closed for renovations.