Hey, so I’m 34 years old today. How did that happen?

So, let’s reflect.

What have I accomplished in 34 years? I earned a bachelor’s degree. I’ve been married for 9 years. I’ve been a cat-mom for 7 years. I’ve been continuously employed in a job related to my degree since graduating college, minus the 5 months it took me to find a job after graduation. I ran a marathon. I’ve gotten on a stage and danced and taken off my clothes 16 times and have taught 9 workshops to do the same. I’ve personally raised over $3,000 for the American Cancer Society, and chaired an event that raised over $300,000.

But what haven’t I done? I haven’t been debt-free as an adult. I haven’t left North America. I haven’t owned anything “big” other than a car. I haven’t birthed a human (and likely never will) nor have I been the legal guardian of another human (jury’s still out if that’ll ever happen).

But I’ve learned a lot about myself in my 30s. So much. I learned I don’t want to birth children. That my style of love is … different. I’ve always known I was a feminist, but in my 30s, I learned that being sex positive and fostering an environment that allows others to be comfortable expressing their sexuality is important to me. And the more experience I gain professionally, the more I’m able to hone in on what I actually enjoy doing, and I have enough experience to tell my boss “I want to do X and Y but not Z” and she’ll make that happen for me.

I’m pretty happy where I am, although I wish I had less debt and I wish that I would have seen more of the world by now, but those things will happen in time. I also wish more of my time translated into making more of a positive impact on the world, but I’ll figure that out somehow.

I’m able to surround myself with the people I love, who love me. I work in an environment where I enjoy what I do and I’m both challenged and respected. I have my health and the means to keep myself healthy. The people I love are healthy. I have the freedom to envision exactly the life I want, and go for it … and I think I’ve been spending my 30s doing exactly that.