Still on a yoga kick. I’ve been enjoying Moksha Yoga in River West. It’s a really great space – big, open, airy, comfortable – and the classes are challenging but invigorating. Om.



I’ve made it to three free concerts with the Grant Park Music Festival so far. The summer is going by too fast!



At the last GPMF concert we went to, we were able to stop by The Bean and recreate a photo from one of our first dates 12 years ago. Where has the time gone????



One thing I’ve been working on lately is the idea of “taking up space.” I will readily admit that I often hold back, wait for someone else to speak up with the idea I have in my head because I don’t trust that it’s good enough. I need to stop doubting myself. I have good ideas. I’m good at what I do.



My busy July of performances is over. I think this is my favorite photo. I was killing “Freddy Krueger” … can’t you tell????  And my next round of shows starts in a month. Save the date, it should be a good run 😉