Cheeses of Europe

This past Monday, I attended a Wine & Cheese event with Cheeses of Europe and the Windy City Blogger Collective.


I love cheese, so this event as an easy sell for me 🙂  However, I don’t know much about cheese. I know I like brie. I know I like gouda, especially smoked gouda (thanks, ALDI). Beyond that, I don’t really know much about cheese, or what I like.


Above: brie, a cheese whose name escapes me (raclette perhaps?), comte, mimolette and fourme d’ambert. 


The big winner for me! Mimolette. Looks like a cantaloupe. Tastes delicious. At the end of the event, they were wrapped up wedges for us to take home, and by the time I grabbed some, the mimolette was all gone.


How to make blue cheese more palatable – drizzle a  little honey on it. This was tasty stuff, and my second favorite of what we tried.


We learned that you should set cheese out for a couple hours so it can rise to room temperature before serving. This allows the flavors to come out more than if it was cold straight from the fridge.


We tried wines with each cheese, and I wasn’t really paying attention :-\  I don’t remember what we tried, but I liked it all.


With Lauren and Emily and the beloved mimolette.

What’s your favorite cheese? 

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