My favorite thing about ClassPass is being able to try a different studio with every workout. I recently switched from their unlimited plan to their 5 classes per month plan, so I’ve been going less but still getting in some good workouts.

Here is what I did in July:


Led Ashtanga 1-3
Moksha Yoga – Riverwest

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been really enjoying yoga lately. I’d heard about Moksha Yoga, but had yet to try it out myself. But I’ve been a fan since my first class. They definitely practice a more traditional style of yoga than many of the more trendy boutique yoga studios in Chicago. This was technically my first Ashtanga class. I checked out a video of Ashtanga style yoga before I registered – it seemed like most of the poses were ones I had done before, so I figured it would be like a flow class with some more advanced variations of the poses. It actually wasn’t a flow class, many of the poses we held for multiple breaths, but many of the poses were quite challenging! I really enjoyed it.

If you go: Moksha provides all of the equipment you need, so if you aren’t able to bring your own mat, you can use one at no charge. The studio includes a reception area, two large practice rooms, individual bathrooms and changing stalls. They have a water cooler and sell drinks and snacks, as well as yoga apparel and gear and other items like incense. I think I also saw a small room set up for massage therapy. They are located near the Chicago Blue Line station, and there is a Divvy bike station across the street. There is some street parking available. They are on the second floor of their building.


Flow and Restore
Room to Breathe

There are a few “hidden” yoga studios in the Loop. Room to Breathe is actually in the same building as my eye doctor, near Wabash & Washington. The space is small but clean and inviting. This cllass was a great way to wind down from the workday with a nice stretch and some yoga flow.

If you go: Head up to the 10th Floor and follow the signs for CBM Wellness Studio. They have shared bathroom access but no  showers or designated changing areas. They do provide all the equipment you’ll need (including mats) and have a small lounge/kitchen area with water (BYOBottle) and tea. They are in the Loop, so parking is expensive garages, although they are close to every L line and many bus lines (or if you work downtown, you can walk over) and I’m sure there is a Divvy station nearby.


Kettlebell Boot Camp Session
OTG Boot Camp

OTG Boot Camp is still one of my favorite studios in Chicago. You get a fantastic workout in 45 minutes (including warm up and stretching). You pick your own weights, so you can scale the workout for wherever you are at, and the intensity you want that day.

If you go: Get there a little bit early, especially if you are new to kettlebells and need to review proper form. You also want a little bit of time to pick out your ‘bells based on the workout. The workouts are done without shoes (socks are fine). There are restrooms with space for changing, but I don’t remember if there are showers. There is a water cooler (BYOBottle) and cubbies for your stuff. Small towels and chalk (for your hands) are available. The nearest L stop is either Grand or Chicago on the Blue Line, but they are also very close to the #8 Halsted and #132 Goose Island Express, and there is a Divvy station a block north. Their building entrance is on Chicago, and the studio is in the P2 level of the building. Not sure about the parking situation.


TITLE Boxing Club – West Loop

I really had a lot of agression in me that day and really took it out on my bag. It felt great. I always end workouts at TITLE feeling super sweaty and super awesome. Their Kick classes include punches as well as kicks with the bags. (Box is just punches.) Every class starts with a warm-up, then drills with the bags, and then core.

If you go: Bring $10 or your own hand wraps. They have gloves available. Bring a water bottle that you can drink from without a lot of complication – your hands will be in gloves for most of the class. Also bring your own towel for sweat. You will get sweaty, and onces you hands are in gloves, it’s hard to use your shirt to wipe sweat from your brow. Their West Loop location only has single-person bathrooms, no locker/shower/changing rooms. There are lockers available. They are walking distance from the UIC Blue Line station, and also close to the #8 Halsted and #126 Jackson bus routes. There is also a Divvy station across the street. Not sure about parking.


Butt & Legs
Shred415 – South Loop

Shred is still one of my favorite studios. You get a great workout, and it’s a nice space. I like that in the studio, everyone has their little area – whether you’re on a treadmill, or at your bench. You pick your weights and speeds, so you pick your intensity. Also, I like that they call out the workout during class, so if you’re late you can jump right in. (Other studios won’t let you join a class late for various reasons, one of which is they’ve already explained the workout.)

If you go: They have a locker/changing/shower room (same as the bathroom) with some amenities. Towels are available during class, but I’m not sure about towels for showers. They have a drinking fountain with a spout for bottles, so BYOBottle. They are walking distance to the Roosevelt CTA station (Red, Orange, Green), and various bus routes (#12 and #18 are the closest). There are a couple Divvy stations a few blocks away. You can also park in the underground garage of the Roosevelt Collection, validation is free 90 minutes or less.


GO Row

The format of GO ROW classes are really similar to Shred415, but you’re on rowers, not treadmills. But you alternate between rowing and weights, and they call out the workout during class. I always get a great workout and don’t have to worry about my knee, which is great.

If you go: They have a changing/shower room separate from bathrooms. Small towels are available for class, not sure about towels for showers. Also have a water cooler available, so BYOBottle. GO CYCLE is upstairs, GO ROW is downstairs. They are close to the Sedgwick stop on the Brown and Purple Lines, close to the #8 Halsted bus and #72 North Ave bus, and there is a Divvy station a block away. Not sure about parking.


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