I confess. I have drank the DNC kool-aid. I may have cried at one point last night, over the thought of the first female president. And then got into an argument with my husband about Hillary. (I had wine; he likes to debate.) I care too much about my uterus and the uteri of all women to vote for anyone else, despite who I voted for in the primary.




I’ve been really enjoying yoga this year. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting older, and my body enjoys yoga as much (more?) than some other workouts. I don’t know. I did an Ashtanga class the other day. That’s some legit stuff. Somehow I got into this bind during class (with the teacher’s help). It was both painful and satisfying. It looks a lot harder than it is.


That’s not me … you knew that, right? 


This weekend is the LAST (of 4) performances of our group “Scream Queens” act – a 10-minute long act of vignettes inspired by horror films. I’m a bird! And a nun! And a virgin! It’s been a ton of fun! It’s also confirmed that my forte is not character-driven burlesque. I’m a dancer, not an actor. It’s fun to pretend once in awhile. More info if you want to come see us. You won’t regret it.


I’m a sexy bird. Photo by Eve Studnicka

I also had a moment at the office this week where I was forced to share my most significant accomplishment of the past year (or something along those lines). My accomplishment? That I’m a dancer and I’ve performed 10 times this year (actually, it’s 11). When asked what kind of dance, I default to “cabaret style.” Which is true.


Basically how I spent my weekends this month. via GIPHY



How about those storms last weekend?  A few trees in my neck of the woods city didn’t make it.


What have you been up to??? Did you watch the DNC? #SistersAreDoingItForThemselves amirite?