Three Things Thursday

Did you see the sunset last night?? I didn’t make it up to the roof in time to see the rainbow, but I saw the lovely sunset, and it’s reflection in the skyline.



Thank you all for your comments on my last post – Zero Motivation. I think just getting it out there helped me realize 1) I’m not the only one 2) I overthink things. Actually, talking to my husband helped me with #2. Thanks, babe.

On that note, I’ve been working out more this week, which helps with motivation. Last night’s workout at Title Boxing was much needed, more than I realized. I kicked (and punched) the ish out of that bag. Lots of rage in me, apparently.


Last weekend was apparently Family Weekend for my burlesquin’. Which ended up being way more exciting than weird. (For me at least.) My brother (and his wife and my husband) (and a co-worker whose sister does burlesque) came to my show on Friday, I did a lovely group fan dance that you missed and I might never do again. It was quite pretty. I love fan dancing. Someday when I can justify the $300+, I would like to buy my own pair of fans.

On Saturday, my motely crew debuted our Scream Queens act during the first night of Silver Screen Striptease with Vaudezilla – movie-inspired acts this month. We opted for horror movies. Don’t you want to know what’s going on in these photos??  You’re in luck! We’re doing this act for the next three Saturdays! Save on tickets at with code vaude2016.

But what was really awesome about Saturday’s show is that my parents came!!!

My shirt is relevant to my act

I don’t care how old I am (33), this really meant a lot to me. Plus it was a great show for them to attend, it was funny and creative and had a lot of references that they probably “got” given the movies theme. (There was even Monty Python & the Holy Grail burlesque … seriously … you gotta come to the show this month.)

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