My little Olive has reached senior cat status.


As such, I need to take good care of my old lady – meaning I need to be better about taking her to the vet for check-ups and vaccines.

Of course she loves that.


The nice caregivers at the South Loop Animal Hospital are used to shy animals and thankfully gave her a towel to hide behind.

Anywho, her check-up went well. She got her necessary shots, plus they’re doing standard blood work for “senior” cats. (She’s 9, by the way, which is roughly 55 in cat years. So not that senior, but I’m using the vet’s language … please don’t get mad.)

In addition, I was told (and shown) that she has gingivitis. So, she needs regular teeth brushing. Of course without thumbs, she can’t really do that herself, so I get to do it! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled!

The vet recommended for the first couple weeks, I just lift up her mouth and touch her teeth and get her used to that. Then I try a couple weeks of touching her teeth with (poultry-flavored animal) toothpaste on my finger. Then I try brushing with a small cat finger toothbrush. I’m sure it’ll be great.

Check back in a few weeks and we’ll see how mangled my fingers are from cat bites????

In the meantime, she loves her carrier when she’s not forced into it. Drama queen. But it is a cozy little nook she can hide in.


Do you have a senior pet? How has life changed?