Free Weekly Summer Workouts in Chicago

Love group workouts but don’t love the cost? You’re in luck! There are tons of great free weekly workouts in Chicago, especially in the summer! Wanna join me for some?



Millennium Park Free Summer Workouts – Wednesdays and Saturdays

The Chicago Park District has been offering free Saturday morning workouts on the Great Lawn at Pritzker Pavilion for awhile now. But NEW this summer is Wednesday morning yoga at 7:30am! Saturday workouts are 7am Tai Chi, 8am yoga, 9am Pilates and 10am Zumba. Learn more.

North Face Mountain Athletics – Tuesdays and Thursdays

These free group workouts are actually offered all year! Tuesdays in Lincoln Park and Thursdays in the West Loop (previously Millennium Park). Learn more and sign up or follow on Facebook.

November Project – Wednesdays and Fridays

A free fitness movement that started in Boston and has moved to other cities. In Chicago, they meet all year long on Wednesdays at 6:28 am at the Lakefront Trail Totem Pole (Addison/Lakefront Path) and Fridays at The Bean in Millennium Park at 6:00 am. Follow on Facebook (no need to sign up- #justshowup).

Pilsen Yoga Tribe – Sundays

I’ve been practicing yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe for over a year. They meet all year long at Thalia Hall at 10:30am on Sundays. All you have to do is show up with your mat. In the summers, they add a 12:30pm session at the Pilsen Farmers Market at Halsted & 18th. Join them on Facebook for updates (sometimes they cancel sessions due to conflicts at Thalia Hall, or weather).


So there you go. You can workout almost every day of the week (two options on Wednesdays!) without spending a dime! Have you checked out any of these workouts? Which is your favorite? Are there any others I don’t know about? (Nike Chicago normally offers free workouts all week long at their studio on Michigan Ave, but is taking a break.)

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