I’m nearing the end of my doctor-ordered 4 weeks off from working out. I’ve been going to dance class because I was approved for “30 percent effort” and usually dance doesn’t get my heartrate pounding. I took a bellydance class and I’ve been spending a lot of time at Vaudezilla.

The bellydance class was led by Gaea Lady at ECO on Mother’s Day and afterward, we were invited to check out the lovely rooftop garden (complete with cats darting around). I definitely want to come back here and check out the playshops with Edible Alchemy and make my own kimchi among other things.


As for Vaudezilla classes, I’ve been busy 🙂  Last session, I took Rock ‘n’ Roll burlesque to help me tap into my badass side (definitely a stretch for me), and our performance was, appropriately enough, on Friday the 13th. This session, I’m taking 2 classes on Monday (fans and the level 5/6 advanced class), and attending additional rehearsals for a performance in their “real” (read: not student) show. So, plenty of performing will be happening in June and July.


AND! If you have been interested in taking a workshop from me but aren’t able to travel to the far south suburbs, I have good news! I’m teaching a workshop at Vaudezilla in Avondale on Saturday, June 18th! I haven’t finished to choreography, but it’ll be doable for all experience levels! Sign up!!!  Scroll to the bottom of this page for info.

I’ve been appreciating dance as well! My dad took me, mom, both sisters-in-law and my niece to see the Joffrey’s performance of Cinderella. It was charming.

So, now that my 4-week break is coming to an end, I can get back into “real” workouts that are for the sake of getting buff … in addition to the stuff that is an artistic impression of Kitten Von Purr  😉