I can’t workout for a month

I mentioned in my annual goals that I wanted to take care of the bump on my scalp. It’s been hanging around for awhile (my husband says as long as we’ve been together, so over a decade), it’s not big (maybe the size of a small peanut? or half of one?), it doesn’t hurt, and it hasn’t changed much, so I just let it be. My husband pointed out that over the years it’s gotten slightly bigger. He also pointed out that the longer I wait to take care of it, and the bigger it gets, the bigger the bald spot could be when they remove it.

So I finally got around to making an appointment with a dermatologist to get it checked out. The first doc that looked at it said yup, likely a benign pilar cyst, it can be easily removed, so they referred me to the surgeon in their dermatology practice. (I’m annoyed that when I called to schedule the appointment and explain why I wanted to see a doctor, they didn’t schedule me with the surgeon, but whatever.)

When the office called earlier in the week to confirm the appointment, I was told that because the procedure required stitches, I wouldn’t be able to workout for two weeks. Mild inconvenience, but this would be an opportunity to catch up on stuff. And hey a surgery done by a dermatologist that’s not skin cancer? Can I really complain? No.

This morning was the procedure. My husband accompanied me and I was so glad he did, because frankly, even though it was a routine and relatively harmless procedure, I was nervous. I don’t like needles. I fainted the last time I had a blood draw. The doctor could tell I was nervous but she was really nice and said this procedure was so routine, she could have a med student (or medical assistant?) do it. She said she probably did a thousand of them in med school.

Anyway, the first step was getting shots to numb the area, and then I wait. Thankfully my husband kept me company.


To help calm me, they turned on music in my room, and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody came on right as the assistant was getting ready to give me the numbing shots. That was a good sign … that’s one of my favorite songs.

Once I was all numbed up, my husband had to leave the room and the procedure began. I couldn’t really feel a thing, but I could hear it all, and it sounded weird in my head. But after maybe 5 minutes the cyst was out. The doc apparently hit a couple blood vessels, and laying there, head buried in my sterile pillow, listening to them deal with that made me start to feel faint, but I breathed deeply and thankfully did not faint. And they were able to cauterize the blood vessels and that part was all over in a few minutes. They stitched me up and tried to remove as much blood from my hair as they could, and I was on my way.

img_5740-1Normally they would have bandaged me up, but the amount of hair I have would have made that difficult. But I’m able to keep gauze in place with a Bondi Band, so we’re all good.

I got to look at my cyst afterward, it was a little bumpy white ball. (No, I don’t get to keep it, it’s medical waste and will be sent to a lab to make sure it is in fact benign.)

My doctor mentioned that some people are susceptible to these, so it’s likely I might get more. Yay. At least I know how to deal with it.

And because they had to cauterize some blood vessels, I am now not allowed to do aggressive workouts or lift heavy things or do anything that would raise my blood pressure or heart rate for a month. Also yay. Guess I’ll be getting a lot of other stuff done. Maybe I’ll actually read the many library books I have hanging around and get my little balcony garden going.

5 thoughts on “I can’t workout for a month

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  1. Too bad you couldn’t record it like Dr. Pimple Popper! 😜
    I’ve been meaning to get that thing on the side of my nose looked at for years…😁

  2. Maggie! Strong lady. Happy to hear you kept it all in perspective. Keeping an eye on your health is always good. Take care and enjoy the quiet endeavors.

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