Hey! You still don’t have a Divvy bike share membership??? (And you live in Chicago?) Why not??


I’ve been a Divvy member for two years and I’m still loving it. In honor of Divvy Week (kicking off on Earth Day), here’s why I’m still loving it:

It’s safe. It could be correlation or causation, but in the 10 years of bike share programs, there have been zero fatalities. I knew why before I read the article – the bikes are heavy and slow – but there are other reasons likely due to correlation (inexperienced riders don’t take risks, more riders are women and we are more likely to be risk-averse, riding without a helmet usually leads to riding more cautiously).

It’s convenient. Especially if you don’t live or work within a few blocks of an L station. Or even if you do. The stations are all over the city, continuing to expand into new neighborhoods, and it seems that Divvy has been doing a better job of moving the bikes around so there are always bikes & docks available.

It’s affordable. $120 for the entire year. Unlimited rides (you just have to dock your bike every 30 minutes). That’s only $20 more than one month of unlimited CTA rides. (I pay per ride on the CTA [and use pre-tax transit benefits], so my Divvy membership saves me money. I also live ~1 mile from three different L lines, so it’s also super convenient for me.)

You can ride year-round. I don’t really ride that much when there’s snow or ice on the roads or the temps are below freezing. But the docks rarely close.


You can try Divvy yourself for FREE on Friday, April 22nd or get your first month free when you sign up for a membership. No one asked me to write this post but the first-month-free link is my referral link. 

Do you Divvy? What do you love about it?