As a runner, and a woman in general, learning how to defend myself is always one of those things at the back of my mind but I don’t always take the time to learn how to do it in a way that would serve effective, should I ever need to actually defend myself.

I’ve attended some events here and there – lectures that  review things I can do to keep myself safe and learned some random moves. But nothing that made me feel very empowered.

A friend posted on Facebook about a free monthly self-defense workshop at Titan Gym. I was able to get two spots in today’s session, so my best friend and I were able to attend together.


The class was great. It was only an hour long, but we learned a lot and worked up quite a sweat. It was taught by the founder/owner/head instructor of the gym, and we went through hits, kicks, grabs, moves from a standing position, from laying on our backs and laying on our fronts. Everything we did was demonstrated first and they we took turns with our partners running through the moves on each other. I may have tried to add my own commentary like “COME AT ME, BRO” which lead to a lot of laughing while we threw our hits and kicks.


I definitely left the workshop feeling like I learned a lot of very practical moves, and feeling very empowered. And sweaty. If you’d like to learn some self defense moves yourself, check out their website or keep an eye on their Facebook page. Reserve your spot quick – since the workshops are free, the spots book up pretty quickly.

Gen and I are in the blue tops in the background, but my friend Lindsay is the one in the peach top. All photos were taken by Titan Gym.