I didn’t run the Shuffle this year

So, yeah, even though I proclaimed this it’s the best race that you have to do … I skipped the Shamrock Shuffle this year. And I don’t even have a good reason other than “I didn’t want to do it.”

I signed up for the race earlier in the year, when they were offering some kind of deal. (I don’t even remember what the deal was.) I’ve always enjoyed the race, and I thought it might be a good motivator since I was barely running, so I signed up.

And continued to barely run.

Last weekend I was checking my calendar and realized holy crap, the Shuffle is next week. I was not excited.


Race weekend came. I went to the expo and got my bib. Even though my BRF wouldn’t be there, I knew other running friends would be. I texted her to say I was thinking of bailing and she tried to talk me into doing the race anyway 🙂

But the weather forecast … it was going to be cold.


Between riding a Divvy to the expo, to the library, to Goodwill to get throwaway clothes, and then walking to get a delicious taco dinner … I was sick of the weather by the time I got home for good on Saturday night. My entire day was basically my thighs freezing and then thawing and then freezing and then thawing … WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF MY THIGHS?

The thought of getting up early, waiting around in the corrals, freezing my butt of yet again, and then running the longest distance I’ve done since December … not appealing.

Part of me was stilling trying to talk myself into doing the race. I spent the money to register. I told the internet I was going to do it, and that THEY, too, should run the Shuffle. I couldn’t back out on something I told the internet I would do! I even posted my flat runner.


But you know what? I don’t owe the internet anything, and frankly, the internet does not care if I wake up early on a Sunday to run 4.97 miles on a race course or not. So I turned off my alarm, fell asleep in front of Golden Girls and Fraiser reruns, slept in, and went out for a run later in the day when the temps were perfect (around 50), stopping at a food truck on the way home.

Because another truth is that I wasn’t looking forward to “racing” 5 miles … I honestly wasn’t sure I could run 5 miles without a walk break. At least when I go out for a run on my own, I can stop for run selfies and catch my breath.


New art in Grant Park 

I regret nothing.

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  1. Good for you. Run when it’s fun for you, that way it will stay fun.

    Last fall I went through a running slump where most runs felt hard and I wanted to walk almost immediately after beginning every time. My fall half marathon is not a pleasant memory. So I decided to do other activities and make running less of a “have to” and just do it when I wanted to. I gradually brought running back but continued to do other exercise too. Now running is fun again.

  2. I totally get this. That’s what I did for the Lung Run last year. You know, my big race that I keep doing for a charity that’s really important to me and my family, and that I keep encouraging others to do with me. I just didn’t have it in me. And though the race is in September, the weather was still crappy enough that day to not justify the 100 mile round-trip down to Montrose Harbor and back. So Terry and I walked a 5k at a forest preserve later that day when the weather was nicer.

    And if it makes you feel better, you may not have seen most of your running friends anyway (unless you know more people in wave 2 than I do!). Once I finished everyone had already left for brunch, naps, etc. (and actually, I just assumed you had run and were already gone too by that point!) – even once the sun was out, it was pretty cold to be hanging out for too long at the post-race party.

  3. Totally understand. I was also balking at waking up at the crack of dawn to go hang out in the freezing cold weather and then torture myself for 4.97 miles. Basically I arrived as late as I could, ran, then left right after crossing the finish line. I did look for you in Corral E, but it was so big and crowded it would have been hard to find anyone, anyways. I didn’t see a single person I knew and I passed on the prerace meetups and all the post-race brunches in favor of wanting to be home.

    No worries at all and no regrets, indeed. Life is too short to do anything unless you really want to! And as we always say, running will always be there if and when we decide it’s the right time to go back.

    1. Thank you for this, it confirmed that I probably wouldn’t have had a great time had I gone to the race! And yes, running will always be there. I had to remind myself of something I always remind others – if you have to talk yourself into a race, don’t do it (usually the advice I give when someone is mulling over if they should do a marathon). Granted, I usually evaluate that advice at the point of registration, but whatever.

  4. I understand about not wanting to race in bad weather. For me bad weather is when it’s too hot outside. I’ve “missed” a couple of races that were super hot and was glad I did. Nothing beats sleeping in in an air conditioned room when it’s sweltering outside. Or in your case, when it’s cold outside! Maybe the weather will be better next year?!

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