Glam Weekend

I know I’ve mentioned in my yearly goals that I want to explore dance outside of burlesque … but you know what, I’m having a lot of fun with burlesque, so I’m not going to overthink it and just do what I enjoy.

Which is how I ended up having a weekend of three days in a row of being the glamorous Kitten Von Purr.

Friday night was the student showcase for the belly dance class I’ve been taking for the past two months at Vaudezilla. Our class learned a hip hop belly dance number, and not only did our number have no clothing removals, but we performed barefoot wearing basically yoga pants! It was so comfy. I still did a full face of make-up, because you know, stage lights and yadda yadda.

On Saturday, my sis-in-law was holding a teacher photo day at Room to Move Studio, where I teach the occasional burlesque workshop (next one is coming up!)  Given that I’m the most risque of the dance styles taught at the studio (which mostly caters to kids), I opted for a PG ensemble (evening gown + gloves + boa). And documented the process of getting ready on Snapchat (notmargaret2891). You can watch the whole process on Flipagram.

I went straight from the studio to my niece and nephew’s birthday party. I was worried I would be the one wearing the most make-up …


And Sunday was another performance. Vaudezilla needed a couple students to fill in at a fundraiser for Her HRC. It was a fun experience, although a lot of waiting around – our call time was 5:30, but we didn’t perform until 9:30. I was able to watch the other performances once the show started at 7:30, but the first two hours were spent observing how more seasoned performers get ready. It was especially interesting in the cases where there was quite a transformation from street clothes/no make-up into their stage persona. It was inspiring. Maybe I need to workshop Kitten Von Purr a little bit more.

It was a fun weekend, but a busy one and I was glad when I got home Sunday night (at the “reasonable” time of 11pm) and the  weekend was over. And I still had my parting gift from my niece & nephew’s birthday party.


I guess I’m having fun 😉

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