One of my goals/mantras/plans this year is:

Getting outside my comfort zone: Do something once a month that makes me at least a little nervous.

I recently applied for another position at work. It’s on the same team, reporting up through the same VP, and would work closely with my current position and team. But, it’s different enough that it scares me.

This position was a long time coming – I’ve had conversations about it with the hiring manager and team lead. Then I heard this position wasn’t getting created, and my current boss was awesome and shifted my current role to be more enjoyable for me. So when this position was anounced, I thought for a bit about if I even wanted to go after it anymore.

But ultimately, this other position offers the opportunity for me to learn a lot of things that would be really beneficial for my long-term career goals, and I felt like it would be a huge missed opportunity for me if I didn’t at least pursue it to see what happened.

Of course nothing is a guarantee, and as I mentioned this position scares me a bit because I would have to learn a lot of new things, but you know …


So, we’ll see what happens! I really don’t know how this will turn out, both in regards to if I’ll even get the job, and if I do, how I’ll handle learning the things I would need to learn. But all of that makes it both scary and exciting. And at least I know that if it doesn’t work out for me, I do actually enjoy what I’m currently doing, and have opportunities to learn some new things in my current role. Feast or famine, amirite?

Have you ever accepted a job that made you a little (or a lot) nervous?