Why you should run the Shamrock Shuffle

I am barely running these days, but of course I’m still signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle this year. It will be my fifth! You can read all about my experiences running it in 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012.


Pictured above: Kelly, Xaarlin, Amanda 

I like the Shamrock Shuffle because I always have a good time, whether I’m treating it as a fun run or a serious race. My first two years, I clocked sub-40 times, which for me are really good! The last two years? I was about 10 minutes slower. But I still had fun. Why?

It’s a really well-run race. As it should be, considering it’s the same team that does that marathon, and the field of runners is approximately the same size.  But everything is well done, from seeding the runners into the correct start corrals, to policing the corrals, both of which contribute to great crowd control on the course considering the size of the race. Anyone who thinks the Shamrock Shuffle course is crowded please run the Corporate Challenge or any Turkey Trot anywhere and get back to me.

Your friends are doing. Even without trying, I constantly run into people I know either in the start corral or post-race.

It means spring is here! Or almost here. Admit it,  you’re happy just to be outside.

Beer! Just kidding, it’s Michelob Ultra, but judging the post-race party, you’d think it was something better. Regardless, you can easily snag extra tickets from friends and new-friends. Or make plans to drink real beers with your friends elsewhere over brunch.

The expo. It’s pretty big and full of stuff. Great opportunity to go trick-or-treating for freebies at the booths.

The Green Guys and Gal. They’re green. They’re probably freezing. But they’re always willing to pose for your photo. Year after year …

You can race with your club/friends/enemies. Even if you’re the wurst. They’ll even provide you with official team bibs.


You can dress like a Manic Pixie Leprechaun Dream Girl. Or something. See back of outfit above.


Selfies on the course are allowed. I mean really, it’s a fun run followed by beer for 95% of us out there.


It’s a good place to get engaged. Worked for Lauren 😉

Do you run the Shamrock Shuffle? Why do you love it? 

4 thoughts on “Why you should run the Shamrock Shuffle

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  1. Agree about the beer quality vs. how much people are enjoying themselves. The Shamrock Shuffle is pretty much the only time I will drink Michelob Ultra or any light beer for that matter. I love that the course is one of a few that run through the Loop. See you there.

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