January 2016 in Review

Holy moly, how are we over a month into the year? So, here’s how I’m doing on all that stuff I said I wanted to focus on:


Health, physical: Get stronger and do more yoga. And see what my knee really can handle these days. Get rid of this bump on my scalp (pretty sure it’s a harmless sebaceous cyst).

I did some yoga, but not enough, and I ran a couple times, but … not that much. I went to Crossfit Academy and need to finish my post about it (with a giveaway for you!) I have not made an appointment for that bump. 

Health, mental: Get back into paper journaling, and possibly see a therapist to talk out some stuff.


Living authentically: I would like to more pro-actively support the values that are important to me – women’s rights, reproductive rights, and sex positivity. And volunteer beyond just the A&BC. And continue to love freely in the ways that are natural for me.

Love: Make time for the ones I love and be a good partner. But always be a good partner to myself and make self care a priority.

These two are the type of stuff I’ll likely talk more about on IRunWithFastWomen.com


Friends: Do the work to try to cultivate and grow important friendships. Including out-of-state friends.

I went to Houston for my college roommate’s wedding. I’m trying to plan a trip soon to visit other college besties. 

Money: In 2015, we reduced our debt by a measly 3%.  I’d like to reduce it by at least 6% this year, or more if we take a more drastic measure (we’re looking at debt management or a personal loan).

Still looking into those drastic measures. 


Travel: Leave the Chicago area for more than 48 hours at least 3 times.

When I travelled to Houston, I was not in Chicago for 48 hours, so we’re counting this on a technicality. 

Culture: Experience at least one cultural thing per month, and check out at least four new-to-me things over the course of the year. Read 20 books, and attend book club (any of the many that I try to be involved with) at least 6 times.

I checked out The Clipper Cabaret and went to a Vaudezilla show, those count in my world. I read half a book (A Hundred* Years  of Solitude … I just couldn’t get into it). 

*Originally wrote thousand … felt that way. I’m sure it’s a great book, but maybe something got lost in translation. 


Dance: Find my space in dance. While I really enjoy burlesque (if that wasn’t obvious), I’m not sure if it’s the best fit for me. […]

I’m taking bellydance class, and from the looks of it, our performance will not involve removing clothing! What! 

Professional: Get paid what I feel I’m worth, and “do math” for a living. Get certified in Google Analytics (it’s free). Do more pro-bono work.

My job is getting more logical and analytics focused which is cool. I started another pro-bono project with the A&BC

Getting outside my comfort zone: Do something once a month that makes me at least a little nervous.

I didn’t think this would make me as nervous as it has, but next Friday, I’m performing my first act that I helped create from conceptualization through costuming and choreography. I’m feeling more nervous about this than any of my recent performances. 


6 thoughts on “January 2016 in Review

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  1. Did you mean “One Hundred Years of Solitude”? If so, I couldn’t get into it, either. I also gave up about halfway through.

    Looking forward to your post about Crossfit Academy! I remember really enjoying my Crossfit classes but never went forward with joining the “box” and going to “WODs”.

  2. Good job on your progress! I’ll be curious to hear more about your dancing and other writing experiences. Glad work is also seeing progress toward what you like to do more of!

  3. I took out a personal loan last month to combine all my credit card debt. I am already glad that I took the leap. Knowing I have 24 – (now 23) payments helps vs paying the minimum that I was doing on credit cards. Obviously, financial situation are different for everyone. But I went through lendingclub.com ( I didn’t want to have to go face to face with anyone…) and so far its been a good choice!

    Otherwise, looks like a good start for the new year!

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