Hello 2016, you’ve been a busy year. Without even trying, I’m suddenly a very busy burlesquer! I taught a workshop this past Sunday, I’m performing in 3 numbers in a show on February 12th – including a duet with Nina that we choreographed! – and I’m taking weekly bellydance classes through which I’ll be performing on March 4th. Bellydance is deceptively hard, by the way. It might not look that different, but it’s a very different way of moving your body – the postures are different for starters, and it’s all built up from there.


The group from  Sunday’s workshop


Nina and I doing our best LoveCats impression


A month ago, I wrote this post. I tried to be vague, and apparently was too vague! And some of you lovelies reached out because you were worried about me. But, I was talking about work in that post. And I’m very thankful to say that things have improved over the past month! I’m lucky enough to have a boss who cares about putting me on projects that actually line up with my interests! So while things are still crazy busy at the office, I’m able to spend more of my time doing the nerdy, left-brained, analytical stuff that I enjoy. And I have a lot more thoughts sort of related to this, on the idea of taking up space, but …


I’m going to start separating my blogging. Mag Mile Runner is going to stay my topical, fitness-focused outlet with the occasional giveaway and sponsored post. I’ve always felt a little weird putting personal, deep-thoughts posts on here alongside sponsored, topical stuff, so those posts always ended up heavily edited or I would just decide not to post. Well, I’m going to put all of that introspective stuff over on IRunWithFastWomen.com, so stay tuned over there for my thoughts on “taking up space.”