OTG Bootcamp is a studio I might not have checked out if it weren’t for ClassPass, but I’m so glad I did! It’s easily one of my favorite studios in Chicago.


In a nutshell: Mostly Kettlebells, TRX Thursdays, and some bodyweight exercises here and there. But get ready to swing some kettlebells! They will gladly show you proper form.


Level: Beginners are very welcome! The instructors always take the time to walk you through proper form, and the small class size makes it easy for them to provide corrections during class. However, you pick your own weights, so you can continue to challenge yourself.

Instructors: I have only taken classes with Ryan or Courtney. They are both very friendly and approachable and provide lots individual attention during class, but not in an intimidating way. And maybe they’ll laugh as you post a video of them to Snapchat.


Workout space: They have a large open floor that is soft, so workouts are done in socks or bare feet – leave your shoes in your cubbie. Class size is small, limited to 12, but typically I’m in classes that are 4-8 people. Plenty of room for everyone and plenty of weights available to go around. There are no mirrors, but the instructors are always great about correcting form. Chalk is available for your hands.

The rest of the space: There are showers/restrooms/changings rooms that they share with the fitness studios on the same floor. Cubbies for your belongings.

Overall: I really enjoy my workouts at OTG! Even though they are “short” (warm up, 30 minutes of intense workout, stretching – there is a reason they call themselves “On the Go”), I always leave feeling like I got in a great workout. And super buff. I also really like the instructors, they are just so friendly and approachable!


Workouts: Kettlebells and TRX – all strength
Showers: yes
Lockers and/or cubbies: cubbies
Towels: yes for workout, provide your own for showers
Water: water cooler
Food: they might offer some snacks/protein goodies for sale

Have you been to OTG? Or taken a kettlebells class?