Sunday with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe at Thalia Hall

One of my favorite rituals is starting my week with Kelly and the Pilsen Yoga Tribe on Sunday mornings at Thalia Hall.


Even though I have access to tons of great yoga studios through ClassPass, I always make an effort to join the Sunday morning practice in this beautiful and spacious space.


Kelly is an amazing yoga teacher. She is so incredibly friendly and welcoming, and has created this wonderful community for us to gather every week, stretch and strengthen our bodies … and minds.


I’ve done a lot of yoga, and while I really love how it makes me feel physically, Kelly always also uses this as a tool to help build community. We’re encouraged to introduce ourselves to people we don’t know at the start, there is occasionally an option for partner work (with a stranger), and always time at the end to share news around what’s going on in the community.


The practice is also always whatever you need it to be. If you need to come late, leave early, bring your kids, or skip anything challenging and just do the “easy” poses, that’s all welcome. Come as you are, be as you are.

If you love yoga, I highly recommend you check out the Pilsen Yoga Tribe. They meet every Sunday at 10:30am at Thalia Hall, and best of all, it’s free! Just bring your own mat. (And water.) (Actually, bring two mats to double up because the floor is hardwood.)


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7 Comments on “Sunday with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe at Thalia Hall”

  1. In the end, I think the answer is to own your truth. But think about why you are scared. What does that mean, or is there a way to overcome it?

  2. Free is a good price. Do they accept donations? I bet most people are pretty scared to “speak their truths” so you are not alone. Unfortunately the world is not a judgement-free-zone but hopefully we are all making our way there.

    1. The only time they’ve ever accepted donations was when someone was there specifically promoting a charity fundrasier, and then it was kind of “see Susie afterward if you want to support her breast cancer fundraiser.” Also, sometimes they do additional yoga with a DJ through “Bender” which does have a ticket price and supports local orgs.

      I bet if they turned Sunday morning into “suggested donation at the door” they could raise some money for the community. They get like 80 people to show up when the weather isn’t terrible.

  3. I live in the far NW suburbs and until recently, the closest yoga place was in Schaumburg. But a new place opened in Barrington and it’s HOT yoga and I love it. The class is 75 minutes long, and I don’t care that I am twice the age of anyone else in the room – I feel so stretched in the best way possible when I am done.

    Um, somehow I overslept on Saturday, but am making the class up tonight after work.

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