One of my favorite rituals is starting my week with Mariel and the Pilsen Yoga Tribe on Sunday mornings at Thalia Hall.


Even though I have access to tons of great yoga studios through ClassPass, I always make an effort to join the Sunday morning practice in this beautiful and spacious space.


Mariel is an amazing yoga teacher. She is so incredibly friendly and welcoming, and has created this wonderful community for us to gather every week, stretch and strengthen our bodies … and minds.


I’ve done a lot of yoga, and while I really love how it makes me feel physically, Mariel always leads us through some kind of meditation during the practice. It’s always beautiful and thoughtful and honest.


Today’s practice not only left my hips feeling open (always a plus given  my PT issues) but Mariel kept bringing us back to the idea of speaking our truth. Why do we hold ourselves back? What are we scared of? This is something I’ve been wrangling with for the past few years. As I’ve gotten to know myself more, and who I am and what I need, and gotten far outside the comfort zone of what is expected and “normal,” how do I get comfortable enough to share it? How do I find the strength to speak my truth?

If you love yoga, I highly recommend you check out the Pilsen Yoga Tribe. They meet every Sunday at 10:30am at Thalia Hall, and best of all, it’s free!