FitBit Review and Giveaway


For the past 5 days, along with my fellow ClassPass Ambassadors, I’ve been tracking my steps, fitness and sleep via a FitBit Charge. As someone who loves data, it’s been fun to try it out!


FitBit is probably most commonly known for tracking steps … but it tracks so much more. Also, I had no clue how many steps I take in an average day. And when I reach my 10K goal, the watch vibrates and more than once, I’ve stopped and cheered for myself.

I had no idea that I covered 4-5 miles during the average weekday just getting to/from the office and workouts and walking from meeting to meeting. None of these days includes a run, because I haven’t gone for a run since … January 2nd. Oops.

I’m really loving the sleep data. Not just how many hours I get each night, but how often I’m “restless.” And my FitBit has been shaming me into taking the stairs when I might have taken the elevator. Sometimes.


In addition to the steps and distance automatically tracked, you can add additional exercise as well and it adds those calories (although I might be double counting since it still tracks my steps during those exercises). You can also add your friends and track their progress as well … and challenge them!

And best of all … I’m giving away a FitBit Flex to one of you!!


All the steps, activity and sleep tracking of the Charge, minus the Caller ID. Plus this is a fun turquoise color. Or teal. Whatever. It’s fun. Enter via a Rafflecopter giveaway.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. To enter, click the link to Rafflecopter above and follow the steps between 1/18/16  and 1/25/16. Must be at least 18 years old, US only. Prize may not be redeemed for cash.

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77 Comments on “FitBit Review and Giveaway”

  1. This is so fun! I’d be interested in seeing my steps on the days I don’t workout or just hang around the house. Probably a good motivator to do a little more those lazy days… 😉

  2. Totally interested in sleep data. I sleep like garbage sometimes, and I’d love to see how it translates. It’s awesome the Fit Bit does so many things.

  3. I’m most interested in tracking my calories burned and steps I’ve taken. This would definitely help keep me more accountable this year. I am trying to stay healthy and active.

  4. Steps and sleep. My mom has one, so it would be fun to join her. Trying to lead a healthier lifestyle this year 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. I have one but would love to win one for my cousin who is down and out after breaking and having surgery on her ankle. This might help her get motivated once she’s back on her feet. I love mine for the sleep tracker and because ut makes me move more while at my desk job.

  6. I could definitely use the sleep tracking. I feel like I’ve been getting a lot of sleep, but not good sleep lately. Maybe it’s just the winter weather. Now, can you compete against friends with sleep? “Sprinkles slept 2 more hours than you!” haha! Now that I’d like to see 😀

  7. I’d be really interested in the sleep data. I’m not the best sleeper, so I think it would help me in my goal of keeping a consistent bed time. And it would be interesting to see how often I wake up during the night.

  8. I used to have one of these and it was awesome (until I forgot to take it off while swimming 🙁 ) The step-tracking feature is what I used the most and what makes it really fun is that not only can you complete against friends, but there are also phone apps that connect with it and turn it into a game — you can go on quests, earn armor, and so forth. I’d love to win one to replace the one I drowned!

  9. I am most interested in the sleep tracking function. Although I give myself plenty of sleep time, I tend to toss and turn and get up to go to the bathroom several times a night. It would be interesting to see how much sound sleep I’m actually getting.

  10. I love that you can track floors climbed in addition to your steps walked! The added features are so cool and definitely would help keep me motivated.

  11. I had one for a few months but let my college daughter take it to school with her to help keep her motivated to keep on movin’. Mama needs a new one!

  12. I am really interested in the sleep tracking. Plus the activity tracking is great, to know how much you REALLY get in during the day.

  13. I am most interested in floors climbed. I work in a big office building and I’m trying to up my stair stepping.

  14. I’m most interested in the sleep data and the activity minutes data. I want this thing to tell me just how lazy I really am!

  15. My sleep pattern is very bad and I’m always so tired, so I’d definitely like to track that; also interested in tracking my steps as I am trying to be more active.

  16. I really want to compete with my other coworkers. We are breakfast servers and each one of us thinks that they walk the most during each shift. I am the one who walks the most.

  17. I’m definitely most interested in counting my steps. I have an inexpensive, but inaccurate waist clip step counter. These are very accurate, and I know that step counting is very helpful in fitness. Also curious about sleep tracking, I feel like I get up so many times during the night.

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