I’m feeling burnt out. (Burned out? Whatever.)

I’ve maxed out my vacation time. I’ve never done that before. (Because at past jobs I could cash out unused vacation time, so I did that instead of taking all of it. Can’t cash it out here.) But basically, I don’t remember the last time I took a legitimate vacation. Other than long weekends with friends, the last time my husband and I got away together was for our 4th anniversary (we’ve been married for 8 1/2 years).

I’m heading back to Boston next weekend for my best friend’s wedding and I can’t really muster any excitement for it. And I need to. I’m the Best Woman.

I have a burlesque performance on Friday and I’m just like … oh yeah I have that … instead of feeling excitement.

I’m barely working out because I’m working late or if I do get up early, it’s to get to the office early.

Honestly, the only excitement I feel right now is the thought of starting a master’s program this winter, although I have no idea how to pay for it. Tuition benefits cap out pretty quickly. And I’m sure graduate school wouldn’t exaggerate my burn out, nope, not at all.

So. There’s that.