Introducing the #ClassPassAmbassador Program


It shouldn’t be news to anyone who has been on this blog over the past few months that I’m a big fan of ClassPass. Recently they announced their new ambassador program and introduced their ambassadors, and if you haven’t guessed already, I am proud to be one of them!


And good news for you (maybe?), they are looking for more ambassadors! If you’re a fan, hop over to their blog for more info and link to let them know why you’d make a great ambassador.


Sadly, it does not include free CP membership (not yet??? one can dream), but it does include a lot of other great perks, like $25 off for YOU if you sign up for ClassPass.


ANNNNDDDD … I can bring friends to try out a free class with me! I get a couple guest passes each month, and would love to show off my favorite studios to you! If you’re interested in joining me for a sweat session, drop me a line at mag@magmilerunner!

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