This morning I volunteered at Aid Station 13 just before mile 18 on the Chicago Marathon course. I’ve run this race, and spectated many times, but this was my first time officially volunteering. I signed up through the Oak Park Runners Club (via Erin).


Check-in was at 6:30am. I arrive a few minutes after, checked in and got my official jacket and volunteer credentials (and eventually a hat, which I was so thankful for once the sun was a little higher). I ate breakfast before leaving home, but the OPRC provided coffee, juice and various baked goods, so I grabbed half a pumpkin muffin since I knew I likely wouldn’t eat again until 2pm.

I was assigned to a water table with 4 other ladies and we quickly got to work.




Volunteer debriefing. The aid station was very  well run. You could tell the OPRC has done this before! 🙂


Wheelcheer leaders came by around 8:20am.


Men’s leaders


Women’s leaders


Deena Kastor en route to setting a new Women’s Masters Record, finishing 7th and first woman from the US! #BadAss

Once the elites went through, our work began. Our aid station took up an entire city block with gatorade and water. The course had a steady crowd for over 3 hours. It was starting to die down around 1pm, when the “sweepers” went through to signify the couse was closing, however, there was still a stream of walkers at that point. We handed out water while we cleaned up, but eventually we had to clear the streets to re-open. But I will say, even the clean up process was pretty streamlined and over before I knew it.


I was home by 1:45pm. I ate some lunch while watching the recording of the marathon, but I was exhaused and ended up taking a brief power nap so I could make it through the rest of the day. I was on my feet for over 7 hours, in the sun most of that time. I don’t remember if I was this (sleepy) tired after running the marathon! I probably had a lot more adrenaline that day.

Have you ever volunteered at a race? The last time I was an official race volunteer was the Soldier Field 10 a few years age.